Hunt for best status is no more

September 25, 2016

Last week, my Niece was searching for an apt Whatsapp status. She was starting a new life and saying goodbyes to the past.

She was entering a golden period of life- College Life. She poked me for the one but I couldn’t be of much help.

I have an answer now – Best Whatsapp Status.

She was so happy when I introduced her to this awesome website, showering love  to her Masi.

Are you always on a hunt for a best status?

There is now a single stop shop for your all-time status needs. No no, don’t worry its totally free. Continue Reading


Failure to me was unacceptable and he knew it

September 22, 2016

She was a tough child who loved to excel in everything which she put her best efforts in. She had fear of failure.

Drawing and Dancing were her favorites. She always used to get appreciation for them – at Home as well as at School. But she does not want to see herself failing at them- not even a single time.

If the drawing was not perfect according to her- she used to tear it apart.  Her Mother was concerned and used to deal with this very politely.

Her wish to be perfect was taking a toll on her- she used to get annoyed at every setback.

It was Teacher’s day and school was celebrating it with a dance competition.  5 students were shortlisted for the event including her. She was happy and proud.

She got busy in getting ready for the event and asked her Mother for a new dress. Mother agreed and they went to the Tailor, got her dress ready till 10 pm just a day before the event.

The efforts she and her Mother put in, made her more hungry for the win and turned her over-confident. Continue Reading


Learning to reduce Toy clutter

September 19, 2016

Are you a Parent who feels drowned in a pool of toys?

I am raising a Toddler who like all other of his age, love his toys . He exclaims with Joy when he see these rainbow colored toys.

But on the other hand, he gets bored of them quickly and love playing with utensils and sticks instead.

Moreover, having lots of toys create only clutter which stresses me out.

De-cluttering toys in these 5 simple ways:

Stack them

Sometimes, the toys lie so disorganized that if I have to search for specific, I could not. I am planning to stack them and making sets:

  • Blocks
  • Balls
  • Cars and Trucks
  • Miniature figures
  • Learning Aids

This also eases the clean up. Use shoe boxes, baskets or plastic containers to store them and confine them in one place. Continue Reading


He is not my Infant anymore

September 16, 2016

My baby boy is turning 2 this week and I just can’t believe it. Second year passed so quickly and I am still in new-born hangover.

He is not my Infant anymore.

He has transformed from Infant to Toddler.

He is doing things independently.

He wants me to set him free.

I remember the days when I could cuddle him for hours but now, he turns jumpy when I kiss him non-stop on his cheeks. He likes a cuddle but only for a short time.

His toys have transformed from Chimes to Blocks, from Rattles to Cars, from Teethers to Bat-and-Ball.

He has transformed into a Social Child which never miss to say HELLO to each passer by. The time has flown past and he seems to grow big in the blink of an eye.

His First Birthday was a traditional one where we invited all the relatives and friends. On his Second birthday, we are doing it differently and keeping it only-Family celebration and doing all the preparation by myself- Birthday Banner, Birthday Cap, Cake Toppers and Props.

Though I am writing his developments in his “Birth Book” since he was born but this year, I am planning to start the tradition of “Writing a letter to him on his birthday every year” Continue Reading


Shalini@Kohl Eyed – A day in the Life of a Blogger

September 11, 2016

There are many Bloggers out there who inspires me – they take up challenges, they manage to do well on all the fronts while not missing on Life.

God found some of the strongest Women

and paired them with Soldiers

Today we have versatile Shalini, a voracious reader who is successfully running 2 blogs – An Army Wife Blog and a Cooking Blog .  She loves to share her experiences being an Army Wife and her passion for good food.

Thanks Shalini – Its my 100th post.

Her Day in her own words-

I remember waking up at 4 in the morning and heading out for work. It was not so long ago when my life was demanding, as an IT Professional, a Blogger and an Army wife. But, I loved the challenges that brought with it. Time was a constraint and 24 hours didn’t seem sufficient. I used to write on the go- whenever inspiration struck me. It would be two posts a week or two in a month depending on how and when my muse decided to bless me. Continue Reading


He did not miss even single year

September 11, 2016

Have you ever received Flowers from someone?  There must be a smile on your face now, remembering the day.

He send these little petals packed into bundle of joy to my way  every year without a miss. He does not only follow the tradition but put his heart each time.

He carefully and selectively chooses the colors just to see me smile when I look at them.

He know my favorites and never forget to include the one in a bouquet.

He is none other than my younger Brother who always greet me with his favorite gift… A vibrant bundle of Fresh flowers with love.


Sometimes Its Lilly

Sometimes its Rose

Which reminds me that we are close

Regardless of the distance we did not chose.


Sometimes its Orchids

Sometimes its Marigold

Which reminds me that your heart is made of gold

Regardles of my silly fights we did not mould.


Sometimes its Zarbera

Sometimes its Daisies

Which reminds me that we are in different cities

Regardless of difficult times, we will still be buddies.


Have you ever send Flowers to someone?

Send it today and bring a smile to their face.

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You can be a writer at Huffington Post

September 9, 2016

Do you want write for Huffington Post?

Last Month, I submitted a Blog pitch to esteemed Huffington Post. I was eagerly waiting for the team to contact me.

Its only today I thought to check with them, if my post is eligible to get published or not. But to my surprise, everything has been changed now.

I don’t need any approval nor need to wait for my post to get published.

Now, anyone can write at Huffington Post.

Its a 3-step process: Continue Reading


Why every Entrepreneur should write a CV

September 8, 2016

How it is like being an Entrepreneur?


“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover.” Mark Twain, author.


In this Era when technology changes oft-times, its cardinal for each one of us to be in sync with it. Being an Entrepreneur is challenging in itself and our CV helps us to take insight of our growth and scrutinize ourselves.

Moreover, a strong resume is important in telling a story- to Self or Others. Not only Employees need to write a CV but Employers too.

Divide your Resume into the underneath sections to get a clear picture:


It will help your business to keep pace with market demands and help you choose right avenues by listing down-

Events based on your niche- Exhibitions or Conferences.

Latest technologies related to your vocation.

Try to attend these events as it will grow your network or if even if you are not able to attend the, join the webinars or telecasts. Train yourself for the latest in market so that you will never be outdated.


Do share with us your thoughts.

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Painting with edible finger paint: MESSY PLAY ACTIVITY

September 5, 2016

Sunday is a perfect day to try out fun activities at home and when you are a Parent to a Toddler- You constantly have to search for the activities which keeps them busy.

Do you want your Kid to enjoy painting? Who does not but safety always comes first.

Having an oral sensory seeker in the house who puts everything in mouth, makes me more reluctant to try something non-edible.

Finger paints are among the easiest arts and crafts for young children. All you need is the paint and a canvas – be it a plate, paper, cookie sheet or tabletop.

I searched for some edible finger paint recipes and found this one, the simplest-


Kitchen items which can be found in every home, such as flour and corn starch can create fun time for the Kids.

edible finger paint

Continue Reading


Messy Play is important

September 1, 2016

Do you get worried when your Kids make a mess?

Do you frown when they stain clothes while playing?

Let me tell you, You need not.

Once you become a Parent, you need to overlook the mess. Tiny feet trotting from one room to another, searching for naughtiness, makes us more patient.
Its so obvious why work never ends for Mothers. My little one never miss a chance to keep me on my toes. But I love it when he enjoys the mess. I love to see the shine in his eyes.

I remember my childhood, how other Mothers were too wary about their tidy living rooms while my Mother never restricted us to play in every corner of the house. She never restricted our Play area. It is these things we tend to remember not the tidy corners. Now, its my turn:

  • I do not restrict him to 1 room or corner. I do not mind him tumbling down his toys basket in the living room. Sometimes, changing the playing space is all that he need.
  • I do not rush to pack his toys right after he moves out of the room. Its only when we are going out or before sleep.
  • I do not pack him in super cute dress at Home and allow him to smear his clothes with food or dirt.
  • I allow him to play with water- Kids love it. I never mind the effort it requires to clean it up.
  • My little one hate wearing Bibs- he love to spill .Earlier, I tried hard to use them but then I quit and always carry a pair of extra clothing. Its better to see him smile rather than make a fuss.

messy play

Moreover, if there is no mess- How can you teach them the habit of cleaning up and cleaning the mess together is always fun.

Read full post on where I have shared few Messy play activities we do.

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