Tried and tested ways to make massage time enjoyable for Babies

December 11, 2018
massage time for babies

Massage time is the perfect time for a Parent to connect with the Baby. Not only it’s beneficial for their physical growth but it also strengthens their emotional well-being.   Massage, if done in a proper way, calms down the baby and relaxes their muscles. Rather than looking at it as a task, massage time should be enjoyed by both, Parent and the Baby.   How to make massage time enjoyable for Babies There are many resources available online on…

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regret having kids

Do you regret having Kids?

Let me make a confession first– Our first Kid was not a planned one. I was not at all ready to be a Parent. Even my Husband was not. But it happened. I happily announced it to everyone around.   I tried not to…

November 29, 2018
thanksgiving celebration

How to introduce your Kids to Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is not only a festival but a tradition which should be passed from generation to generation.   Historically, Thanksgiving is a harvest festival. We should introduce Toddlers and Kids to this festival which is about giving thanks to the ones who are involved…

November 22, 2018
Blogchatter projects

Blogchatter Projects- Giving wings to your dreams

It was November 2017 when I received an Email regarding the Blogchatter projects. The idea was to bring forward your favourite cause, a product you wish to sell or perhaps an expertise you want to champion online. It did not take me long before…

October 4, 2018
highly sensitive child symptoms

How did I get to know that my Kid is highly sensitive?

Does your Kid cry more rather than enjoying the things? If you are nodding your head then I know how it feels because I am parenting one such little human. Your Kid may be highly sensitive. It’s not a bad quality but just a trait…

July 23, 2018
fitness during pregnancy

How exercise can ensure fitness during pregnancy?

Never in my both pregnancies I faced swelling, nausea or suffered from vomiting. There are 2 things which helped me- Eating Right and proper Fitness regime. Today we have Akansha Bansal from Budding Star sharing her thoughts on how fitness during pregnancy is crucial…

July 18, 2018

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