5 confessions to my younger Brother

March 24, 2016

Confessions! I am bad at them but evergreen sweetness of my Brother made me confess for the things I do not like about myself.

We were more like Friends who used to fight, disagree, imitate and above all, Love each other a lot.

I am 1.5 years elder to him. So, when he arrived I was still a Toddler who was full of Temper tantrums and was learning to accept a new family member.


  1. As a Toddler, I always asked my Mother to ignore him and love me instead. I demanded her lap to be reserved only for me.
  2. I exploited him as an Elder sister as I used to exchange his new things with old one of mine. Poor Chap!
  3. Once, I slapped him so hard that it left a mark on his cheeks and enough to make him cry out loud.
  4. As a short-tempered teenager, I tried to hurt him in response to his teasing. But repented it later.
  5. I felt jealous at times when my Father used to appreciate him.


But when he says “You are World’s best sister” I feel like reversing the time clock to go back and mend my actions and words. I wish I could.



Guys, Do you have such incidents or memories with your Siblings? I would love to read about them.



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  • Navish

    Those confessions from my eyes seems beautiful memories and a image of ur presence in every phase of my life. U being so understanding and friendly are the best part of it.Only a few are blessed with this gift where siblings are jst lyk friends and understand each other well. Blessed to have a sister lyk u.

    • Lots of Love. Thanks Bhai.

  • Always a delight to have siblings – you might have frictions with them at times, but still worth it ☺️

    • Right Alok, its worth it. Thanks for dropping by.