A Letter to my Wife, now when she is a Mom

August 1, 2016

A Letter to my Wife ” is dedicated to all the Parents who are sacrificing their time for their Kids and struggling to keep a Couple alive amidst Parenting.

Dear Wifey,

As I am writing this to you, I am not complaining but trying to adapt to this new identity of yours.

A day had just begun- I opened my eyes to find you holding our Son, trying to make him sleep for some more time. He dozed off again and you straight away headed to the Kitchen without even noticing that I was watching you with half-eyes closed waiting for your Good morning wish.

He was up again and you welcomed his day with Hugs and Blessings.  You got busy bathing him and making him ready for the day but I was still lying in Bed wanting you to wake me up with your sweet voice.

I shaved my beard off which you were insisting me for so many days but to my surprise, you did not even notice that and left for your Job. It was a loud goodbye while you were running downstairs which was once a Goodbye Hug.

Your attention has been shared and it is not 50-50. I know I am sounding childish but I think I feel jealous of him sometimes. At the end of the day, I patiently sit in front of TV and wait for you to make him sleep but I come back to find you in your dream world already.

We do not go out as a “couple” instead of “Parents”. We did not sit alone for long to enjoy a late-night movie or early morning tea. I have no option but to hang out with Friends as your days end up making you tired leaving no space for us to enjoy our togetherness.

Though I did not like your timely calls round the day ( A confession) but now I crave for your single call inquiring about my day. Our calls are just the reminders now which were once the love messages.

I  know I never appreciated those days when your name did not have “Mom” title but now, I want time to roll back to those golden days and I promise, I will make each day a remembrance, before we turn from Romantic Duo to Troublesome Trio.

Our time and romance has taken a backseat. Saying all that, I respect a Mother in you as you look after the needs of a new human being that came into our world, a human being that is innocent and need our Love.

You made me understand the things when Once, I tried to share my feelings with you. You convinced me that time will pass soon and things will be back to Normal.

But wait, all my hopes were shattered today when you surprised me with your plan to have a second child.

I wish you could read my heart.

He titled it “Letter to my Wife” and then he crumbled the paper, turned it into a ball and tossed it into Trash.

Sometimes, Life turns stranger than fiction.

I would like to read your views, Parents.Come on, share them.

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  • Karan Oberoi

    Beautiful post! Been there, done that!

    • Thanks Karan. Happy to know that there are many like us.

  • Maybe one day I will end up feeling this. Loved the way you have written clean and simple.

    • I hope you would not feel like this. Talk with your partner and let your love win over this. Thanks Anil.

  • Deepa

    You echoed every dad’s feelings through this letter. But this is a phase through which they all go when they have a newborn. Nice one 🙂

    • Though replying late, Thanks Deepa. I tried to echo my husband’s mind state

  • 🙂 I think you spoke for most “dads” through this letter, Upasna. Life is irrevocably transformed with the arrival of a child in the family. Relationship equations change and it is up to the couple to keep their romance alive. Very nice post!

    • You are right Mam- Life is never same after Kids and change for ever. Sometimes, its really hard to keep the spark alive amidst all the responsibilities but I am glad My husband understands it and never make a fuss.

  • Tarang Sinha

    Wow, such a beautiful expression of longing and yearning. You have crafted it really well. I could feel for him.

    • Thanks Tarang. Its same for every new Father, I believe.

  • Cathy

    I liked the format of your post as a letter from the point of view of the husband. Having children is not for the faint of heart and does disrupt the life of a couple in so many ways. It certainly does test a relationship and can be stranger than fiction, for sure. And men are especially bewildered by it all. I remember my hubby being that way. He still is at times even though our babies are now 20 and 22 years old!

    • Hey Cathy, I am really sorry for delayed response. Don’t know how I missed it.
      You are right- Men feel possessive at times. I remember my Father saying this to my Mother that “Children matter more to you now”- When we were Teenagers. Parenthood tests Couple-hood always. Thanks for your comment.