All about Me and the Blog

Before I started my Blog in August 2015, I read a quote by Margaret Atwood.

 “If I waited for perfection I would never write a word

This Blog is about my personal experiences being a Mother, Self-improvement articles and other things which I really feel strong about.

I also write for Parentous and Women’s Web. You can read those articles here – My Guest posts on Parentous

Mother of a 2-year old and ITian by profession who went into IT by luck and not by choice.

I love to greet Loved ones with my hand-made cards and frames. Weekends for me are no-work only-play time when I love to spend time with my Family and Friends.

I am a Theist but not a blind-follower of any Religion because no Religion is perfect. I love to use my First name rather than Full name as it does not reflect Casteism. I gather Criticism too but it doesn’t matter.

This Blog sums up my Journey and I would be happy if it inspires someone to dream, to learn and to make their dreams true. Recently, I have managed reviving my lost Passion for Crafts. You would find these posts under DIY section.

I believe in Community as it inspires me every now and then to continue sharing my thoughts. “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BLOGGER” series is a toast to all the Fellow Bloggers out there.

I hope you find this blog both informative and amusing, and come back to visit often.

ONE-LINER I USE OFTENIt’s better to start early and it’s never too late.

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