Alone Time: Love and Laughter

February 6, 2016

Being in a Joint Family, we rarely get some alone time when we can sit together to watch our favorite TV show or a Movie. I always wished to sit together and do silly talking for hours while holding the hands.

We used to target Weekends for Movie Mania- all set with Laptop and Munchies. Thanks to those Punjabi Comedies which made us laugh together. Sometimes, a humorous forwarded joke from a friend made us giggle and initiated the silly conversation.

Time flew too fast to label those moments as “Memories” and while we were trying to steal some alone time, we bumped into “Parenthood”.

I turned into a Mother
He is growing up to a Father

Ya, growing as I believe…Men take some time to be in the shoes of Parents. But still, He is growing up fast 😉

Its hard to remember the last time we sat on a couch with a popcorn bowl. Duo to Trio but Laughter still finds its way to welcome us.

Now, its our Naughty one who makes us laugh….laugh out loud.

His continuous effort to try to walk

and daily silly talk

His not-so formed words

are like Music Chords

His effortless smile

takes our heart away for a while

We always have an inclination for Parks over Malls and now, we have a reason to spend a sunny day in the park to play with him. We pack our Lunch along and enjoy having it under the sky. Believe me, the positive environment certainly knocks out the indifference between us and relieve us from full week’s stress.

Like all the couples, we fight, we argue, we shout sometimes. Now, he does not allow us to raise our voices and if one of us does so, he exclaims at us in his cute voice, turning our Anger into Laughter.

We often text each other. No, not to keep a check but to exchange Laugh-out-loud-worthy message- Thanks to the emojis which does the magic without saying a single word. Even if we are involved in an argumentative discussion, he makes me laugh by ending the chat with one of those perky emojis.

My not-so-brave husband has a phobia of heights. Despite knowing it, I insisted him to take Cable car ride while we were holidaying in Darjelling. He resisted but agreed after I blackmailed him emotionally. Once it started with a jerk, he got scared and asked the operator to stop and let him out but with no luck. He had not looked up for at least once throughout the ride. Whenever we go through the pics, we have a good laugh remembering the incident.

alone time

His absence break me into tears and he compensates by making his presence felt by a Laughter.

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  • rdmathur

    Really enjoyed reading it. I am too a Blogger. You can read about my travel tales at Would love to hear from you. Cheers.

    • Thanks Sir. I would love to visit your travel tales.

  • May the emojis and bonding over laughter continue for long. 🙂

    • Thanks Somali, for reading and the wishes 🙂

  • Such a sweet post, Upasna. May the love and laughter continue, and may the popcorn and movies and packed lunches in the park and texting and reminiscing over fun times keep your love fresh and growing.

    • Thanks a lot for your blessings 🙂

  • So romantic you two enjoying the incident ☺️