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Welcome your new-born with Germ free indoors

September 22, 2017
bringing your baby

Are you bringing your new-born Baby home? You must be preparing your Home to welcome a new Life. Beside collecting the essentials, you also need to ensure the clean and germ-free Indoor environment for you and your Baby. Indoor air can be 5x more polluted than outdoor air! Indoor air pollutants have been ranked among the top environmental risks to health.   Here’s how to reduce the indoor air-pollution before bringing baby Home: What needs to be done to counter…

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I say sorry. I cry in helplessness. Is it just a phase?

September 21, 2017
toddler hitting

I never thought I will write this. It may be because I never imagined that I will face this issue or may be I thought this will not become so serious to make me question my Parenting.   My 3 YO has developed a habit of toddler hitting and it is gathering complaints from School and Day care. It makes me worry.   Sometimes it makes me wish for a girl child. Sometimes it forces me to punish him with…

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QuotedStories linky party #10

September 17, 2017

Hello lovely linkers. Welcome back to QuotedStories #10 I missed posting this on 15th as I was busy with Kid’s third Birthday celebrations. Blogging these days seems Fun. All credit goes to Blogchatter Alexa Campaign. All Blogger wants is readers and we all are getting each other’s support. Its fun. I am more into doing guest posts these days. Do you know- Guest posting can help your Blog in more than 1 way: Increased number of readers Increased number of…

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Preserve them now..Because in the end All you have is memories

September 14, 2017
preserving memories

“Why to collect memories when you are happily spending time being a Parent?” Ask me and I will tell you that preserving memories has hidden benefits. Good memories has the power to uplift you in times of despair and sadness. Time spent in collecting memories never goes waste. Writing memories would help us to be grateful. There are many small happy and proud moments in Parenting that you’ll want to remember forever. Not only the first step, first smile but…

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Quick and healthy foods I pack while traveling with Toddler

September 12, 2017
road trip snacks for toddlers

When hunger strike Kids, they convert into little tantrum machines. We did not travel a lot with our Kid but whenever we do, I ensured carrying his food along to avoid the chances of spoiled trip.   Eating snacks while traveling is everyone’s favorite. Moreover, food is the best thing to entertain small Kids while traveling. Taking along own eatables saves time and money, and is usually healthier. Be it a Road Trip or Flight journey, keep these snacks handy while…

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My baby is growing up? Am I ?

September 6, 2017
parental skills

My Toddler is growing up fast and will turn 3 next week. As a first time parent, I started learning parental skills too but suddenly I am stuck with some thoughts in my mind.   Am I growing well? Am I learning as fast as my Kiddo? Am I adapting to this Parenting world as easily as my Kiddo is adapting to Adult World? Am I learning parental skills while I expect him to learn skills to listen, to talk…

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QuotedStories linky party #9

September 1, 2017

Hello lovely linkers. Welcome back to QuotedStories #9 Teen Suicides are on a high. Whom should we hold responsible for these punishing acts? Lets’ join our hands together to save our Children from depression and Suicide by preparing them for adversities of Life.   Coming back to the Linky, I loved this post by Mocktail Mommy from last fortnight which stresses the fact that we should not push our tiny tots too early into formal education and let their childhood…

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Prevent Kids depression and suicide by preparing them for bad patches in Life

August 31, 2017
how to overcome adversity

No matter how liberal we have become in our thoughts, youth suicidal attempts are on the increase. The biggest cause of youth deaths here is due to suicide, followed by Road accidents and tuberculosis.   A Teen, who is as fresh as daisy, as keen as mustard, suddenly take such a huge and punishing step. Wonder why? Difficulty to cope up with competition in studies, needing to belong to their tribe, the parental pressure or demand of space for freedom.…

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My Blog’s second Birthday- credit goes to you!

August 23, 2017
second blog anniversary

MY BLOG IS 2 TODAY!   What makes me celebrate 2 years of Blogging is not the numbers; I am yet to achieve those bragging figures, but the lessons learned.   Its better to write when the muse strikes. Write what you feel like and not what’s Viral; It makes you feel content and happy. Comments are the best way to measure the health of Blog. Keep experimenting with the writing style. Believe and propagate what you write.   In…

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Confessions of a Teary eyed

August 18, 2017
crying in public

Yes, I commit- I cannot control crying in public. I know I am being judged when I cry in open. People may perceive me as weak or immature woman. But I cannot help it. Whether its an emotional scene on TV or an emotional talk with anyone, I could not stop my tears to flow.   The other day, I was totally upset over something and when on the same day, my Son’s School teacher complained me of his hitting…

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