10 things we Indians should give up: Indian Habits

March 8, 2016

Our school books ensure imbibing the Moral values and good Social conduct but sadly, we failed to take these forward while moving ahead in life.

We have some strange, annoying Indian habits which reflects a bad picture. So, Lets give up these .. to set a good example for our Kids:

Give up – Breaking traffic rules

We cut the Queues. We Break the Traffic signals. We don’t respect Traffic Cop.

Turn the newspaper and you will read about endless incidents proving my point.

Give up – Unnecessary  Honking

The light just turned green. Give it a few seconds before you tap hard on the Horn. And if someone blocked you in and can’t move (of course unintentionally), honking will not solve that issue, either.

Lets be patient.

Give up – Peeking into someone’s life

We are so much interested in others lives – What they are doing? What they are wearing? Where they are going?

Concern is good but throwing too many questions to a stranger or just a known person is really awkward.

Many Aunts can be seen who are more interested in lives of Neighbor’s Children.

Give up -Being conservative

We put Caste above everything else- Yes, above humanity too.

We kill our children to save the false pride of the caste,  We are always ready to burn Country’s resources to ashes to get our illogical demands met, We divert our jobs to the non-deserving in the name of caste, We ban the entry of people in religious places.

This all reflects Ignorance.

Give up -Labeling

We are ahead in this race of tagging the people and places based on our own perceptions.

Gender stereotypes, Social stereotypes, Religious stereotypes, Geographical stereotypes and so on.

Give up -Treating human beings as Gods

We live in a country where every Religion has its own God but we do not get enough of it that we treat human beings as Gods.

Celebrities, Politicians or self-proclaimed God-men. We build temples on their names, We pour milk over their statues and above all, we waste our precious time following them.

Interesting read-

Give up -Littering

Spewing Paan wherever we find a corner, Spitting in open places, Flushing and picking nose publicly, Spilling Garbage on the streets- All are common sight seeing in India.

Educated or Illiterate, Rich or Poor- Nothing prevent us from indulging in the act.

Once, I tried to tackle it Gandhi style- Read here

Give up -Scribbling on Heritage buildings

We Indians love to tell the world about our visit to the particular place. Scribbling the names for proclaiming love is unethical.

It takes years to build the heritage and a minute to destroy- Preserve it. Its Ours.

Give up -Feeling pride in being late

We are not punctual, we do not respect Others time and we do all this with pride.

Give up -Scuffle over Parking Space

Abusing, Collar-catching, Quarreling and believe me, Murdering is in rage- just to get a vehicle parked.

Wait guys, you will get another space but not another life.

indian habits

Giving up few of our bad habits will only move us up on the ladder… Each one, Teach one.


Do you agree with me. Is there any other thing you want to add?


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  • A very relatable post. There is too much for all of us to learn – even if we do a bit, that would make us much wiser!

    • Thanks for sharing your views Alok.

  • Purba Chakraborty

    A great article dear. I totally agree with each and every point 🙂

    • Thanks Purba. Its good to have you as a reader.

  • Vishal Bheeroo

    It’s high time we get rid of such obnoxiously bad habits that makes us suck as human beings, be it littering, poking into someone’s house and caste that makes us look so uneducated.

    • True Vishal. I hope we as Indians reflect a better picture after few years from now. Thanks for stopping by.