Captured moments: Gift of a lifetime

August 5, 2016

Every family has their memories which stays forever in minds- some of them are lucky enough to get captured in Camera. What I adore my Parents for is a huge collection of albums reflecting special moments of our Childhood.

We have 40 of them- Captivating smiles, traveling tales, Birthday memories, holiday fun and growing up captured moments.

I don’t really remember the first time I saw a picture holding memories of my first step.
In the time when taking a photo was not as easy as now it is, they managed to capture the memories so well.

I loved it when my Mother told me How I loved my tiny shoes making sound with every little step of mine. She said “I had a proud smile on my face that I could walk by myself now.”
I know what importance that day holds for parents, being a Mother now.

What makes those memories more special was the presence of my Father- who saw me in real for the first time when I was 1 -year old.

captured moments

When it comes to blessings, Parents top my list.

Do share your childhood memories with us. It will definitely bring a smile on your face.

Do you have any favorite childhood pic you want to share? We all are eager to see.

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  • Love the photo. My parents top my list too. I am so happy to have them still, and together and healthy.

    • Hey Thanks Kenya. May God give them a long and healthy life. I am glad to see you here.

  • Kala Ravi

    What a lovely memory you have shared Upasna! Nothing can beat the happiness of browsing through these oldies! You look so sweet with your tiny shoes! And yes, parents are the best, always!

    • Thanks for taking time to appreciate. You are right Kala- It feels so good.

  • anamika agnihotri

    40 albums! Those were quite a lot keeping in mind the kodak rolls with a capacity of 40 photographs per roll were available in those days. The shoes making the ‘pichpich’ sound were quite fashionable in those days and absolutely necessary for early walkers. You look adorable in the photo and your mom looks beautiful with those lovely braids.

    • Yes, its a huge effort. I am really thankful to them to have such a collection of memories for coming generations. Thanks Anamika. I will let her know.

  • Kristi – Finding Ninee

    I adore old photos from childhood. It’s like I can almost remember even when I cannot. This makes me want to create more printed photo albums. They’re such fun to look through.

    • Yes, they help us to picturize the tales Parents tell us. Printed photos have no replacements. Even if we have innumerable soft copies of photos, I get selected ones printed and creating an Album for my Son too.

  • That’s is so sweet….I always love to look through albums when my parents were young and we were little…..The albums had such a great appeal….Now most of the time we have to with digital pics…..That is such a cute pic…..:)

    • Yes, really Sunaina. I am glad I have lot of memories to share with my Son. Thanks for passing by.