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Failure to me was unacceptable and he knew it

She was a tough child who loved to excel in everything which she put her best efforts in. She had fear of failure. Drawing and Dancing were her favorites. She always used to get appreciation for them – at Home as well as at…

September 22, 2016

Why I regret what I cannot control now?

Lately I found myself in a vicious circle of Regret and Pain. Why Do I regret? Am I not happy with my Current life? or I am just comparing my real Life with “could be” Life? I think the second answer is correct because…

August 16, 2016
cherished memories

Cherished memories- Loving letters from Father

I bumped into something very interesting today- A fest to share your most cherished object. Right then, I knew what to share- Though, I already shared about it once here but that’s the Truth- the most Cherished thing in my Life or I must …

July 30, 2016
am i ready

Am I ready for his Marriage?

O my dear Brother! I asked my heart “Am I ready for your marriage”. I heard “No”. How would I feel when our Love will be shared by your Second-half? Not only yours but she will be a part of our  Mother’s life too,…

July 10, 2016
magical powers

If I had magical powers

Who doesn’t want to have Magical powers, I feel no one. Once in a lifetime, we all wish for these magical powers and have a list of things which can only exist virtually not really. I had a huge list being a child –…

June 27, 2016
i am not perfect

I am not Perfect but I am enough

I am not Perfect and neither is You. I went away for my job, but I was enough to be a responsible daughter. I am not an early riser, but I am enough to raise bread for my Family. I did not quit my…

June 20, 2016
my inspiration

Who is your Backlight?

Who is my inspiration? Often we get the question “Who inspires you”. Today is not one of the good days. I can feel the weakness- My arms are getting numb and my feet paining. I hate this feeling when health is in the blues…

June 9, 2016
key to happiness

My key to happiness

When grief struck, it takes out the ability to think and grow. It makes us less constructive and blind fold our eyes to see the future ahead. Its like a whirlpool which pulls us inside until we cease to move down and emerge out.…

June 8, 2016
all girls college

WTF we had- Cheers to Girl Gang

I was sad the day my Father got me admitted to All Girls college. Not sure why- Should I blame teenage or the missing male element or just the preconceived notion of boring and life-less girls college   Phew! I cannot be sure about…

June 4, 2016