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the to do list

Dump that lazy to-do list

Do you make the to do list? Great! But do you really get success and complete all the items in that list? Honestly, I don’t. I hardly made them but whenever I did, I failed. I used to list down everything in my mind…

October 21, 2016
declutter toys

Learning to reduce Toy clutter

Are you a Parent who feels drowned in a pool of toys? I am raising a Toddler who like all other of his age, love his toys . He exclaims with Joy when he see these rainbow colored toys. But on the other hand,…

September 19, 2016
job matches

Does your Job matches your lifestyle expectation?

Does my Job matches my lifestyle expectation?- A very obvious question for a person who is heading towards 30s and bidding farewell to all the good things which 20s offer. When I was attending the trainings conducted by MNC (my second job), there were…

July 15, 2016
wastage of water

Do you feel the pain when you witness wastage of water?

My heart aches when I see the most valuable resource possessed by us (actually gifted to us) getting drained for nothing- Without quenching the thirst, without cleaning and without generating power….just draining. We cannot list down the boons this transparent thing gifted us with.…

July 15, 2016
impact investment

We invested for him- Impact investment

Its always been said -Its better to start saving early. Every Parent saves for their children, for their future and prosperous life. They do not want them to be devoid of anything. Apart from materialistic things, I do not want my Kid to be…

July 11, 2016
my sunday

My Sunday started early

Every Monday- we have a favorite topic to discuss in Office “My Sunday“. This time I was too excited to share my Sunday experience with all. I have never been an early riser. Thanks to my just-perfect Office timings and my Toddler. I am…

April 12, 2016
cycling in india

Cycling in India has taken a backseat

A rare scene in India is to spot an educated person riding a Bicycle. Once we hop on these fuel-thirsty vehicles, we never look back even once. If you are an Indian, you will get my point. We Indians have this habit of relating…

April 11, 2016
new year resolutions

We shall overcome: New Year resolutions

Its 2016 and this year I am doing the other way round- Gifting myself with a not-to-do list rather than to-do wish list. While I am starting this post, I wonder that I do not have to ponder over it unlike the to-dos. This…

January 6, 2016