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Stop seeking justification for your behavior: It work wonders

November 24, 2016
external justification

Do we ever find yourself wasting your time and energy proving your actions you did or words you said? Please do not hesitate to confess as I am going to tell you- You are not the only one trapped in self justifying. We all do this at some point in our lives.   I did this a lot until I realized that it was creating an uncomfortable environment around me. I could feel the ripple effects of this parasitic weed…

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Entering 30s : Things I am planning for my 29th birthday celebration

November 11, 2016
29TH birthday

Its my 29th birthday tomorrow and its a special milestone for me. Its time for me to look back and inside. Its time for a long post but not to make you bore, let me go ahead.   Turning 30 is one of those things that almost everyone has perspective about. In the past I read so many posts telling 30 is a big number. Really! I have no intentions to hide the number but to shout-out loud. In my…

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Dump that lazy to-do list

October 21, 2016
the to do list

Do you make the to do list? Great! But do you really get success and complete all the items in that list? Honestly, I don’t. I hardly made them but whenever I did, I failed. I used to list down everything in my mind and that’s the problem. Mind is a huge room and it holds a lot more than any to-do list can. Surprising but our mind has the ability to divide it into sections too. Then why do…

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