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An Ancient Parrot: Paraguay

This Country fascinated me with the title of –The cheapest country in the world. The country was called “parrot gay” on ancient maps. The reason behind this was a homosexual parrot called Frank that was befriended (and later eaten) by early Jesuit (a member…

May 9, 2016
paragliding in india

Paragliding was on my Bucket List

Paragliding in India has gain popularity in recent years. In my previous post on Bucket list, I did not mention about my ex-wish:  Paragliding. Unlike me, my Husband does not love adventure. It put me off sometimes but then, I have to accept that…

January 20, 2016
Mumbai highlights

Mumbai Memories..A must walkdown

The best part of bachelor life is what I spent in Mumbai. This is the city with zeal and full of energy. What makes it so special – The people, so called “Mumbaikars” give Mumbai its unique identity. There are so many things and…

August 23, 2015