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March 15, 2017

CHOICE OF WORDS is something I failed to pick up from my Mother.




I adore my Love for my Family, I adore my faithfulness for my Friends, I adore myself for being  a good listener, I adore myself for being a continuous learner but above all, I hate myself for not being a person who carefully chooses the words.

I hate myself for hurting those who love me most and the fact is I hurt the only ones whom I love the most.

My Loved ones learned to forgive this habit of mine. Though I am thankful for every relation God has gifted me with.

Be Careful with your choice of words, once they are said, they can be forgiven but not forgotten

But I am more thankful for the ones who do not accept this vulnerability of mine, because they are the ones who are pushing me to be someone “who thinks before they speak”.

I know inside that I do not really mean what I utter sometimes. Those words do not define the person who I am.

And then I wonder why the hell then I say those harsh words if they do not reflect my heart. My Mother worked hard on me all those 29 years to help me overcome this shortcoming, to make me understand the choice of words. She still is.

My bad choice of words earned me few tarnished relationships, irreparable wounds and before anything, robbed me of my mental peace.


Words are free. Its how you use them, that may cost you


I realize that its not the other people actions but my own words which haunt me more. I am working on myself because I know there is lot of scope of improvement. And I will.


I am drowned in my own created pool of words.



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  • Words are certainly powerful things. That reminder that words are free but it is how we use them that may end up costing us is an important one. I know that trying to hold back and control harsh words that I don’t mean is one of my biggest struggles and one that I constantly try to overcome. One day I hope I will be much better at it than I am now! #candidcuddles

  • Our words can make us and break us. Learning to strike a balance can be tough and I guess admitting to not being great with them takes a lot of courage. Hats off to you for doing that. I believe, desired change always begins with the acceptance of the problem. Since you’re already working on this, I’m sure you’ll soon be doing well.
    Loved those quotes, Upasna 🙂

    • I think courage comes when we decide to improve. Thanks for taking time to comment Era. Hope you can link up. 3 more days to go.

  • Vishal Bheeroo

    We do get carried away when we are angry and often end up saying or doing things we didn’t mean, of course. I, myself, should learn to chose my words effectively and perhaps going on a silent mode until anger subside. I did write my prompt and shared.

    • Ya right silent mode is better than annoying mode or later regret mode. Thanks for linking up Vishal. Loved your post.

  • Absolutely true and I love those quotes, Upasna. One should be careful as to what comes out of their mouth.

    • Thanks Shalini, I am learning it dear. Being conscious helps. I will be glad if you can link up.

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  • I am a bit like you. I can never be diplomatic but at the same time, the power of words has been instilled in me. I most of the time am direct but try not to use harsh words. Words have the power to heal as well as scar. So using them wisely is a necessity. I keep learning this lesson the hard way.

    • Hey Harini, welcome to my space. Same here, I am too learning it the hard way. Nice to know about you. You have a lovely Blog- loved the theme the most.

  • We all know the power of words, still, we use them randomly and seldom we think of the incredible effect they could have on the listener. It has been rightly said, words are stronger than the sword…

    • I never understood the importance of this proverb until I faced the aftermath.Thanks for commenting Maniparna. I will be glad if you can join the linky. 5 more days to go.

  • Rohan

    Absolutely true, Upasna! We have to be very careful with words. Either while writing or while speaking. Can give a completely different meaning if not used well.

    • Writing is something a person gets time to think and revert but while speaking, its the momentum which kept me away from “think before you speak”. Its great to have you as a co-host.

  • shraestasuresh

    Once the word are said then it can’t be erased yes it’s true it give us lots of bitterness that easily can’t be digested.
    My wishes for your Linky party challenge on #QuotedStories
    I m loving this challenge 😊
    My wishes to you

    • I realize it Shraesta. Thanks for linking up. I appreciate your Blog love.

  • Geethica Mehra

    Very true Upasna. When we speak harshly to our loved ones under different circumstances, it really feels bad later. This is one habit, we all should take care.

    • You are right Geethica but not everyone has this trait- some learn it with time. Thanks for linking up dear.

  • Mayuri Nidigallu

    The good part is, you realise the issue. The better part is you are willing to work on it 🙂 And I am sure you’ll do it, Upasna.
    Congratulations on the Linky theme, I love it!:)

    • Thanks Mayuri. I too think that realization is half journey done. Thanks for linking up

  • That’s so true Upasana. Forgiving and forgetting is not easy.Words are very powerful.lovely linky

    • Thanks for hopping down Amrita. This linky is a great way for me to collect the quotes.

  • Saru

    It’s good to accept your mistakes and learn from them. But let me tell you, you are very brave to admit it in public. 95% people don’t know how to speak. We misuse words and hurt others. The only thing we should do is to try to improve.

    • Thanks Saru. I am sharing it because I want to change myself and inspiration from others can boost me up for this. Hope of Improvement is only 1 thing that I don’t want to die.

  • I am like you here. I’ve been trying to be diplomatic, politically correct etc, but that’s just not me…so it’s been hard for me! Maybe I should remain the way I am, but many people take advantage of me then.

    • Yes, I am getting what you are saying Alok. Sometimes, its not real us behind our actions and words. I think the ones who you feel can take advantage of you, need not see REAL you. But yes for our loved ones, we must be the way we are.