Dump that lazy to-do list

October 21, 2016

Do you make the to do list? Great!

But do you really get success and complete all the items in that list? Honestly, I don’t.

I hardly made them but whenever I did, I failed. I used to list down everything in my mind and that’s the problem. Mind is a huge room and it holds a lot more than any to-do list can.

Surprising but our mind has the ability to divide it into sections too. Then why do we need the to do list?

A list does nothing but allow us to procrastinate. Jotting down everything which comes our mind has the ability to stress us. I was writing so much that I could not be able to think about my top priority.


This is how it happens.

We get so overwhelmed by the list that we tend to deviate. We start getting happy solely reading all the things we planned for ourselves. But the reality is far from it and we still stands there with -nothing done.

Listing down everything clutters our mind. Lets dump the to-do list and focus on one task at a time.

While we clearly know our short term goals, we scratch our minds for more and more. We stuff our days leaving no room for ME time or Family time and end up saying – We don’t have time.

the to do list

I read a newspaper article titled  “Things successful people follow” and one thing stayed with me that they do not make to-do lists.

Then what do they do?


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  • Vishal Bheeroo

    I keep feeling always with To-do-List and need to prioritize perhaps dividing into few tasks for a day. Thanks for writing about it.

  • Karen Belton

    Sorry I am to-do list fan! I don’t live to them or worry if I don’t get things done. I just move items around thinking, well actually I don’t need to do that at all just yet. It’s really just a balance. I won’t be getting rid of my to – do list! Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

    • Its great if to-do list work for you Karen, but those who just cannot make it work or stress over it- Its better to get rid of it. I am happy to link up.

  • I still make lists, I think more for my terrible memory more than anything else…I dont like the sinking feeling I get when I’ve remembered something I was supposed to do and find I’m too late to get it done.
    mainy x

    • Reminders are good but a lengthy to-do list do not take us anywhere. Isn’t it Romaine? Thanks for passing by and taking time to read and share your thoughts.