Break Gender Stereotypes

September 14, 2015

gender stereotypes

I will not stop my Son to point his finger at a doll when it comes to buying a toy.

Some will laugh at this

Some will mock me

Others debate over this

I live in a country full of stereotypes and Gender stereotypes is the biggest challenge each Indian has to face right from childhood.

gender stereotypesHow much we resist these stereotypes, we cannot get rid of them. We can experience these in 1 way or the other and slowly, we learn to live with them.

Common of these gender stereotypes are:

  • Girls are bad drivers
  • Boys don’t cry
  • Boys don’t play with dolls or soft toys in general
  • Girls don’t shout
  • Boys are not choosy about clothes

These stereotypes don’t have any logical reason but yes, they affect one’s character and can hamper their growth.

Lets see how they do this:

  • Girls are bad drivers- This reduces their confidence and make them prone to accidents or sometimes they over-speed to prove themselves.
  • Boys don’t cry- This force them to suppress their emotions or otherwise he can be put to shame.
  • Boys don’t play with dolls or soft toys in general- If any boy child been refused by parents to buy a doll, you are infusing the stereotypes in him too.
  • Girls don’t shout- If you repeatedly say this to your girl, she can get stubborn.
  • Boys are not choosy about clothes- If any boy likes to follow the fashion trends, he will hide it from others as otherwise he will be teased.


I wish all the parents take this initiative forward to break these Gender stereotypes as this need to be tackled from childhood itself.

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