I am not Perfect but I am enough

June 20, 2016

I am not Perfect and neither is You.

I am Enough and either is You.

I went away for my job,

but I was enough to be a responsible daughter.

I am not an early riser,

but I am enough to raise bread for my Family.

I did not quit my Job for my new born,

but I am enough to make him feel loved.

I am not with my Toddler 24*7.

but I am enough to make him learn.

I do not apply Vermilion,

but I am enough to be a caring Wife.

I do not…many

but I am enough….much


Living my Imperfect Life
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Do share the moments when you feel you are enough.

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  • Seena Antony

    Such a wonderful reminder for every woman Upasna… thank you.. we all need to know we are goo enough and not beat our self up.

    • Thanks Seena. Your decoupaging art inspired me and I started retouching the things at Home . Do check my first experiment this Wednesday.

      • Seena Antony

        Great to hear that!! Creativity is contagious and everyone should catch it. Hope it gives you much joy!!! Looking forward to your creations 🙂

  • inducares

    Nice write Upasana.You are obviously happy with who you are and that is enough 🙂

    • Thanks Indu..Its good to see you here.

  • We don’t have to perfect…just have to be enough! Thanks for linking up!

    • Thanks Sanch for backing my thought.

  • Very well penned!

    • Thanks Arun…Saved your travel tips infographic.Its really helpful.

  • Jyotirmoy Sarkar

    Very nicely written.

    • Thanks Jyotirmoy, I am glad you liked it. They are the words straight from the heart.

  • sreedhar Bhattaram

    Well said, Upasna.. A good Post

    • Thanks Sir, your words are encouraging.