Kerry@Her Headache: A day in the life of a Blogger

July 16, 2016

In our “A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A BLOGGER” series, we have our first Guest sharing her Blog Life with us- Kerry@HerHeadache

She consider her Blog as her Home where she shares Memoirs and Fiction. She firmly believe everyone has a story to tell and we could all stand to learn a thing or two from someone’s perspective other than our own.

Here she goes-

When I was invited to write about my day-in-the-life, as a blogger, I thought a lot about a subject of home, as I often do, with the wider picture.

I thought about coming home after being away. I thought about what it feels like to be home. That’s what my day with my blog often feels like.

My blog is my home base, so my days can unfold very different, depending on what’s going on in my life, in my mind, in my world on any particular day.

As it is for most people these days, what most forms of social media mean to other people, that’s what my blog means to me. On a typical day, I look to my blog to provide a place where I can feel safe to voice my thoughts, feelings, and opinions in my pyjamas first thing in the morning, or last thing before going to bed at night. I don’t have to worry that I don’t look presentable enough, a certain way for anyone else. This allows me to open my mind and let the words flow out freely.

It’s the people I’ve met since starting my blog that make any specific day all that much better. I can write lots of different things, for several places, but on any day that I write and publish on my blog, it’s the returning and slowly familiar visitors that make the day what it is.

On weekends, I write and share on multiple linkups, several places where I have gotten to know other bloggers who also make regular appearances, and we share the events of our day or week, anything that might be going on in our own individual lives.

During the week, I can go away, for even a few days at a time, pursuing writing goals of other kinds, but my blog is a place I feel safe to return to, at the end of any hard day I may have had.

Who wouldn’t want a place like that to call home?

Tune in coming Saturday to find out Who’s next in the series.


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