Little dose of self-care : ME time

October 3, 2016

Yes, I am a Mother who need some ME time, some fun time and some relax time. Sounds selfish? Its something I am not guilty for- Why should I if I give my 100% to my Kid when I am along with him.

I want to brighten up each moment I spend with my Kid. This won’t happen if I am not happy. I need ME time to make myself HAPPY and in return, to make my KID happy.

First thing first, no one can change this for us better than our-self.

4 things to do right away:

  • Stop saying “I don’t have time
  • Find what made you happy when you are not a MOM
  • Find suitable time of the day
  • Go for it!


If you wait to give yourself time until all your work is done, you’ll never get to play.

Start doing what really makes you happy: Go for a walk, Go for a movie, Go out with Friends, A dance class, Spa therapy, Book club, Kitty party or anything which brings smile on your face.

In this race of Perfect Parenting, we lose ourselves Little by little, day by day.



Going out alone or doing something is not the only way to spend some ME time. Doing nothing and spending time with ourselves is the best way to rejuvenate amidst crying and tantrums.

It need not to wait until Kids are asleep.

Just do something for yourself while doing everything for Kids.

  • While you are looking out for healthy snacks for your Kids, do same for yourself
  • While your Kids are playing in the park, treat yourself with your favorite music or do workout.
  • While your Kids are busy in toys, take a hot shower.

A little dose of self-care would do wonders.

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me time

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  • Karen Belton

    I’ve recently started having a day to myself and I couldn’t agree more that it’s worth it. It makes the time I have with my son even more precious. Thanks for linking up to #familyfun

    • You are right Karen, It makes us more happy when we are with Kids.

  • Tammymum

    I couldn’t agree more. Making some me time is essential especially as so much of our time is spent looking after our children. Thanks for sharing this at #familyfun x

    • It truly is Sarah. I am happy to linkup.

  • I needed to read this today, feeling really run down xoxo #mg

    • I am glad it helped MG.

  • Hello

  • Messy Wawa

    Me time is so important. As soon as my son goes to bed, I relish the first hour where I don’t talk at all and just do what I want to do. No housework allowed.

    • Happy to read this. For me its first thing in the morning, when I don’t want to talk to anyone and spend time with myself.

  • ohmummymia

    I think is not selfish every Mums need some Me time

  • You’re quite right! It’s important to not neglect yourself. After clearing up after breakfast I will always chuck childrens TV on for my daughter so I can enjoy a hot cuppa. That’s my break. I’m lucky about 70% of the time and get to finish. Not bad odds with a toddler. Thanks for your tips x #FamilyFun

  • Helena “TheQueenofCollage” Ash

    It seems that you are tuned in to yourself and that’s great. You are right that we need to have me time too. #MarvMondays

  • Hello Archie • blog

    Probably one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since becoming a Mum. I was with my first-born 24/7 and didn’t realise how much I needed a break until I had one and realised he would be ok without me for just a little while. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

  • Topfivemum

    This is so true, for our own mental health. I’ve got two under two and some days it can really get to me when I’ve had nothing but double rounds of stinky nappies, tantrums and dropped naps. You’re also right in that it does’ need to be big things. Every morning, I now make sure I take the time to have a long shower before either of them get up. I use a gorgeous smelling Clarins body wash and it just wakes me up with a zing. If I miss the ritual, like if one of them wakes up crying before they normally do, it can make me feel robbed of this precious me-time. I’ve also started going to the gym two nights a week while hubby stays home with the kids. Priceless! #marvmondays