A multi-niche blogger- Debolina: A day in the Life of a Blogger

August 7, 2016

Today we have Debolina, a playful Mother of 2 girls who enjoy Parenting more than any other thing.  She don multiple hats- Content writer,  multi-niche Blogger, Traveler, Photographer and a Social worker.

Her tales in her words-

So when I saw this mail in the inbox, asking me to share my day as a blogger with her readers, I was quite confused. What is my day like? I mean, most of the people who ‘really’ know me know that I am one horribly unorganized woman (yes, I used that word!) who is medically-crazy (that is not a word, I invented it btw), who has no scope of improvement, and who keeps reading and writing like there is no tomorrow (I totally believe in that, there is never enough reading and writing that one can do, that ‘one’ being me).

So before you really start to wonder what I am ranting about, I’m Debolina, or Debo or Deb if you may, and I, along with a lot of other things, am a blogger too. I’ve been blogging for some time now (a long long time actually, which means I’m sort of an oldie!! horror!!), and if you haven’t come across any of my blogs yet, I have a book blog, a parenting blog, a beauty wellness style and product blog, as well as a day-to- day things and thoughts blog.

Life is busy and really rushed. My lovely and fully charged daughters always keep me on my toes, and my many professional commitments along with freelance assignments ensure there is never a lazy or free moment in my day. But then again, I do manage to sneak out my crazy bits from here and there. If you’re wondering how a typical day in my life is, here’s a peek:

niche blogger

My day begins early (toooo early for me if you go by my body clock time!) by 6am, when I wake up and walk around the house like a zombie, getting the kids ready and off to school. Of course once the house is empty, I need a big mug of strong ginger tea to help me wake up properly! And that is also when I get my dose on all the news and things happening around, as well as make my plans for the day, including jotting down blogging ideas and what all I need to catch up on.

Most of my professional work happens from my work desk at home, as I am the primary carer for my kids. So it is important that I really plan my day properly. I first get all my work commitments prioritized, and then, based on how much free time I think I will have in the day, I make a plan for my blogs. My blogs are an extension of my thoughts and such, including what I have to say about certain situations, products, things, and a lot of such topics that are close to me and are a part of my experience too. I don’t blog every day, as honestly, I don’t have that much time on hand. But I try to plan as much as I can, by at least jotting down more ideas.

After an hour or so I sometimes do a bit of exercise, or end up watching some videos on YouTube. Then its time to get ready for the day, wearing something nice that will cheer me up and adding a dash of my favorite lip color, as well as a fragrance that will uplift my mood (being vain, I believe a fun lip color can do wonders to the ‘grey’). After gobbling something healthy to eat, it’s time to really get started.

I mostly work without a break till about noon, when the younger one comes home, and then it’s all about running after her and doing the regular mommy things. Soon the elder one is back too, and after making sure that both the kids are comfortable (and not trying to kill each other again), I resume work.

Then it’s a pretty much stretch of work till early evening. Work commitments for the day being over, I check my blogging plans and see if I have to do any clicks or if there are any brand reviews that I have to complete. If yes, I do some shoots and upload them on my computer, to be edited and used later.

Evenings are spent going out for fun mostly, and once it’s night, after a light dinner I head for my speed walk with blaring music in my ears. I almost always get my best blogging ideas at night (the pros of being an insomniac), and jot them down furiously. I try to do my stories for the blog then, as the house is quiet with everyone sleeping. Once all is done, I head out to YouTube land again and spend massive hours there, till it’s almost 3 at night and I know I’m dead again!

Lets catch up with Deb to read her Stories. Oh! I didn’t tell you- She writes for First Cry too. Do check out her Parenting articles there.

Our last week’s featured Blogger- Doc2Poet

Hope you enjoyed reading it. We would love to hear your Feedback, any questions, any suggestions- do tell us.


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  • Rasz Art

    Great article/post. I wish I had that much energy. I am much older than you and disabled. I found blogging about mixed media painting both have saved my sanity and have made some great blogging friends along the way.

    My problem is that I am sporadic on posting depending on nerve damage in my hands and neck. Something you mentioned in your article gave me a great idea of how I can get more organized on the days I do feel great. Love your article and thank you for sharing. Rasz

    • Debolina Raja

      Rasz…you inspire me !!! And what makes you think you don’t have that much energy? I am sure you have way more energy and spirit than me, just look at what all you are accomplishing! 🙂

  • obsessivemom

    Did you say 3am? You sleep for just 3 hours? Unbelievable. I mostly get 7 and am still sleep starved by the time the weekend rolls around. #mg

    • Even I was amazed Tulika. I cannot stretch work after 12 until its urgent.

      • Debolina Raja

        good for you Upasana…it’s never recommended to sleep less than 8 hours, and i would give anything to be able to sleep more 🙂

    • Debolina Raja

      yes dear, i get by on 3-4 hours of sleep but it’s because I’ve been suffering from insomnia for almost 15 years now…nothing has helped….and i am happy to know that you get 7 hours of sleep, its so important. trust me, i go through my days with a never-ending body ache and exhaustion that has not left me in years, but can still not sleep…if you are sleeping, it’s really good 🙂 i’m sure you can make the most of your awake hours when you get good sleep 🙂

  • So, it shows one can manage a lot of things at the same time with proper planning. Nice to know about Debolina… 🙂

    • Thanks for the appreciation Maniparna. There are days when I get off to sleep without looking at my Blog. I wish I could plan my days such that I have some time for myself and my Blog daily.

    • Debolina Raja

      that’s so kind of you dear 🙂 I never thought of myself as a planned or organized person, but these comments are making me think that maybe i am a bit of that 😉

  • wow no wonder it is hard to get up in the morning I need more sleep than that. I am so not a morning person even with sleep though. Yes life is chaotic, but we must write, it’s in our hearts isn’t it #mg

    • Even I am not MG, I need at least 7 hours of sleep. Writing makes all of us happy and that is why we are like-minded people. I am happy to link up.

    • Debolina Raja

      hahaha…it is hard for me to wake up in the morning as i barely sleep around then, plus i am so not a morning person 😉 thanks for reading and taking the time out to comment here…wishing you more of sleep and writing when you want to !

  • Wendy Hughes productive! I wish I was this organised, I barely have the time and energy for one blog xx #mg

    • You are so kind Wendy but you are already good at multitasking. So many books under your hat. Since 1989- It means you are consistently outdoing from last 26 years. Great job.

    • Debolina Raja

      Thanks a lot for your kind words Wendy, but trust me, I am constantly looking at others and wishing I could do more with my time 😉 Means we all are productive and loaded with energy we manage to keep going…

  • Peppermint Cove

    love this and it comforts me that others are fitting their blogging around chaotic lives too! #mg

    • Thanks Abby and Lou for taking time to comment. Its great to know about the bond you guys share.Cheers to your friendship!

    • Debolina Raja

      i guess all of us are trying to do the same 🙂 thanks for stopping by and reading.

  • Georgina Whitehead

    wow you gets lots done in a day, very productive! thanks for sharing #mg

    • You are right Georgina… She manages well. Thanks for taking time to comment.

    • Debolina Raja

      Thanks a lot dear, and let me just say i keep trying, but do end up falling short on deadlines many times as well! never enough time on the clock, right?

  • I’m in awe of how much can be packed into one day!! Very inspiring although I would definitely be asleep earlier. I love hearing how other bloggers manage their time x #mg

    • Hey Lins, thanks for passing by. True that, its inspiring.

    • Debolina Raja

      Hi Lins, such sweet words from you and a big thank you 🙂 I do juggle a lot of things but that also means that I sleep very less, which is not good at all. I am a certified insomniac and have been fighting it for years now, but if given a chance, i would have slept more 😉