Mumbai Memories..A must walkdown

August 23, 2015

The best part of bachelor life is what I spent in Mumbai. This is the city with zeal and full of energy.

What makes it so special – The people, so called “Mumbaikars” give Mumbai its unique identity.

There are so many things and instances which reminds me of Mumbai now and then.

Bombay Theatre

Plays or Drama theatre always attracted me by its strong and meaningful themes. I got a chance to enjoy it for the first time in Mumbai Prithvi Theatre. It was a mute play by young children but astonishing and as I had ever heard, the theme was strong which left me spellbound. Such a huge gathering for a play surprised me.



Mumbai Nightlife

Nightlife does not only mean clubbing. Its about people and their behavior after sun sets and in Mumbai its lively and safe. One, even alone can enjoy after-dinner walk and Ice-cream without any fear.

Whether it’s about eating out in the night or Watching a movie or just enjoying the arena at Marine drive, you can see the modest crowd everywhere.

nightlife in mumbai


The People: Humans of Bombay

People in Mumbai are full of life. They enjoy each and everything they have- from monsoon to Mumbai local. I hardly found anyone cribbing about the city infrastructure or gushing rains or overcrowding in local train.

mumbai local trainMumbai local trains are full of life – Vendors, Singing beggars and Daily commuters sharing the stories. You cannot get bored once in.

Read my experience with Mumbai Local here.

World of Pav and Puris

vada pao

In Mumbai, everything comes with a pav. Irrespective of whether you order for vada, Misal, bhajiya, all of these come sandwiched between slices of pav. I had it first at Jumbo King, biggest Vada Pav chain which had sold its 100 millionth vada pav in April 2014.

The aroma of their chutney is really delightful and their fast service is catering daily Mumbaikars on the move.

Mumbai’s Sev puri and Dahi puri has no comparisons. The taste is so authentic that mention of it alone leave mouth watering.


Mumbai Rains

I started my Mumbai journey in July and the first thing I experienced is Monsoon. In a couple of days, I fell in love with Mumbai rains. However roads get flooded, commuting gets difficult but it never down the spirit of ever-energetic Mumbaikars, humans of Bombay.

Memorable experience with rains- On the first day to my Office, it was raining heavily so I took the rickshaw. The car crossed by us splashing all the rainy muddy water on me. Aweee! It was so embarrassing and I had no other way but to reach Office in time.

These small and funny incidents always bring a smile on my face.


Gateway of India

Pigeon flocks , Ferry rides and Sea shore view- These are few things which define the Gateway view. It is the most unique landmarks designed by Sir George Wittet.
gateway of india mumbai


Marine Drive

I must say, it the heart of the city and yes, its big. This is the best point where you can find all the things- Live Nights, Safety, Good people and peace of mind. There are lots of memories linked with it:

Observing sun sets to sun risemarine drive mumbai

Enjoying the rains

Office bunks






It is one of the best places to visit in Mumbai.

Festive Spirit

From Ganesh Chaturthi to World Cup, Mumbaikars are always in search of a reason to celebrate.

Ganesh Chaturthi highlights: People throng the streets to express their joy. Delicious home-made modaks made me visit the multiple stalls to grab them as much as possible. I can definitely say “No one can eat just one”.

The environment get filled with positive vibes of Mantras and Chants. Colorful Idols, vivid processions mark this 10-day festival.


Bid you adieu Mumbai

The last day in the City was dramatic too. It was 27th April 5:00 am and my Roomi cum Friend accompanied me to the airport but when I reached the airport and was Checking in, I got to know that my ticket is for 27th May. It left me open-mouthed and shocked.

I was left with no choice. So, booked the tickets for the next day and left the City with a smile.

I am thankful that I spent some good and memorable time in Mumbai. This experience of mine make me say that one should visit the city once in a lifetime and with receiving heart.


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Another Mumbai memoryWhen I missed my flight for a Chocolate cake.



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  • Reply Gauri Kamath December 25, 2015 at 6:01 pm

    A very nice account of the city through your experiences Upasna. You should’ve stayed for another month, could’ve added a series of posts on Mumbai 😉

    • Reply Upasna Sethi January 7, 2016 at 12:14 pm

      Thanks Gauri

      Right, I wish I could but its all about “Chalti ka nam Zindagi” 🙂

  • Reply Nidhi August 23, 2015 at 11:47 am

    Mumbai life.. Play we watched together.. Play titled Lal Pencil.. It’s still so fresh in my mind…
    I also remember the bandra festival.. N our late night trips to Ccd powai 🙂

    • Reply Upasna August 24, 2015 at 2:26 pm

      Right Nidhi. I, too, remember those outings and our Trio.

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