Confession of a Father : Daddy-baby bond story

May 25, 2016

I was surprised the other day when my Husband, who is no more a new Dad, had said this to me while we were looking at our toddler with the utmost affection and love as he was leaping into his dream world. “I could now feel more connected to him than when he was born”.

Those words made me Happy and Sad at the same time. Being Happy was obvious as I could sense the growing bond between a new dad and Baby. Being a Mother, I want their relationship to nurture and want our child to feel connected with his Father as much he is with me.


I wondered why this did not come earlier. Why it took 18 months for him to feel this? What was missing in building Daddy baby bond?


So many questions clouded my mind leaving it muddled. I thought of asking my Husband instead of probing my mind for the perfect answer. His reply amazed me and left me more puzzled when he said that earlier he (our kid) was not able to communicate much and this might me the reason for the detachment. I asked myself- Why did not I feel the same because he was not talking to me either… then How did I feel connected? I kept on finding the answers for the missing element between them. I reassured myself when I read this-

“In the first few days after birth, changes occur in the brains of both the dad and the baby but the father has to be physically present in the nest in the early postnatal days to have boost of brain cells”

Now when he is with us, I make sure to fill the gap which was created and made him feel that something was missing. Not only I but he is also trying.

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  • Ila Varma

    A wonderful story

  • Deepa Malhotra Gandhi

    A very nice read Upasna. A baby and daddy story is the cutest. Thanks for linking up with #MondayMommyMoments

    • Thanks for reading Deepa.