unplug from technology

Be more ‘in the moment’

I always remember my Father saying “Excess of everything is bad”.  I realize this fact is true everywhere – Be it Food, Exercise or Technology. In today’s world where everyone has access to overdose of information-Each one of us need to unplug from technology…

April 24, 2017
some free time

Need more Time? Try Minimalism

Do you ever feel the need of having more time? or Do you ever wish for some free time?   If yes, you need MINIMALISM I always wished I had more time to follow my Hobby, to watch weekend movie, to spend time gardening.…

April 24, 2017
social media clutter

Mute the noisy Social Media

When everyone tag next generation as Social Media addicts, I don’t blame them but us. They, every time, see us glaring at these screens and must wonder, what is so lucrative that they(us) forget real people while active on the virtual world. Social media…

April 22, 2017
reduce reuse and recycle

Lets Reduce our waste and make Earth a better place to live

Do you think about those endangered species or melting glaciers or local artisans when you buy something? If yes, you live Green. Do you prefer conventional over technology? If yes, you live Simple. Do you always look out for alternate ways rather than buying?…

April 21, 2017
wants and needs for kids

Quell those unhealthy wants

As parents we naturally want to give our children what they want but it does not work that way because it does not promise true happiness. To keep a balance between wants and needs for kids, we need to first model it and then…

April 20, 2017
clear the clutter

Let’s Pack away

Did you get to hear about The Packing Party by The Minimalists? Its great for those who are moving to a new place and those who are have their Home full of stuff and no breathing space. Packing away things is one of the…

April 19, 2017
organizing stuff

Make your Home a “Home sweet Home”

I was never the one who hate organizing stuff. Be it Home or Hostel, I always loved clean and clutter free spaces.   Times have changed. Each member in the Family has their own wardrobe or better, each member has its own Room. But…

April 18, 2017
remove negative energy

Weed out the negative energy around you

Why each one of us strive to remove negative energy around us? Because it makes us feel sick, less efficient, doubt our own potential and fill us with uneasiness. But its difficult to achieve this when there is so much of negativity around. Be…

April 17, 2017
practicing mindfulness


A lot has been said about Practicing Mindfulness. Intentionally choosing Minimalism over abundance is Mindfulness. When you are stationary and have the income to buy the things you want, yet choose not to; is Mindfully Minimalist. We always tend to indulge in multi-tasking as…

April 15, 2017
luxury needs

Luxury and Minimalism

When we mention our Luxury needs, we think about buying a new and latest product, We think Consumerism. Luxuries of the past becomes necessities of the present. Luxury and Minimalism can ho hand-in-hand. You ask How when Minimalism itself means Less stuff. We all…

April 14, 2017