Past Life regression therapy

Past Life Regression therapy session by Soul Grounding

Past Life Regression therapy has been developed since the 1950s by psychologists and psychiatrists but it gained momentum only after Dr. Brian Weiss popular book “Many Lives Many Masters”. According to the certain studies back in the 2nd century BC, the Hindu scholar Patañjali,…

January 28, 2019
no new year resolutions

New Year: No resolutions, only celebrations

Yes, you read it right. I have no new year resolutions.   While the world is listing out their resolutions, I don’t have any. Resolutions just aren’t for me. I always failed to keep them. You must be amazed knowing the fact that “Only…

January 15, 2019
keep a gratitude journal

Why every Mother needs to keep a Gratitude journal?

For years I’ve advocated to keep a gratitude journal, writing down five things every day that brought pleasure and gratefulness. ~ Oprah Winfrey   Let’s first peek into the Life of Mothers. A Toddler is throwing a tantrum lying on the floor, an infant…

December 25, 2018
how superstitions work

Superstitions! How you make them work?

Are superstitions true? or Do superstitions really work?   Superstitions won’t work by themselves. We make them work. Just like magic performed by a magician. Magic is nothing if we don’t believe it. We make Magic work by believing in it.   How do…

December 18, 2018

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