luxury needs

Luxury and Minimalism

When we mention our Luxury needs, we think about buying a new and latest product, We think Consumerism. Luxuries of the past becomes necessities of the present. Luxury and Minimalism can ho hand-in-hand. You ask How when Minimalism itself means Less stuff. We all…

April 14, 2017


There is always a part of ourselves which try to cling to the past, no matter sad or happy. This is the reason we all keep sentimental things with us. We can never think about parting with them. Though, these Keepsakes are a wonderful…

April 13, 2017
quitting a job

Does your Job satisfy your soul?

Quitting a Job is never easy. I had been there. Those who already read my Blog must know that I quit my MNC Job long ago to settle peacefully in my Hometown. No, it was not something forced upon. It was not for anyone…

April 12, 2017

Inventory making

Never in Life I took note of my belongings, how pricey they may be. Be it Jewellery or Clothes, I never made an inventory of those possessions. I have suffered to some extent in the past due to this negligence of mine. Now when…

April 11, 2017
your hobby

Hobby pursuing as a Minimalist

One of the most important questions during any introduction- What is your Hobby ? What makes this question so popular? May be to start a good conversation, may be it reflects something about a person. Whatever it may be but the point is You…

April 10, 2017
emotional sad music

Love for so called Sad songs

My first tryst with slow-moving emotional sad music was back to my childhood when my Mother used to hum or listen them on the audio tape recorder. I used to hate them for the pace they move at. And then one day I started…

April 9, 2017
minimalist gift giving

Gift Clutter – How to get rid of it

Ever since I remember, I always gifted the person as per their current needs or personal tastes. It feels bad to know that your Gift added no purpose in their lives but to the clutter. Isn’t it? As I am exploring this Minimalism Lifestyle,…

April 8, 2017
steps to financial freedom

Financial Freedom

We have far more freedom than our ancestors, yet we choose to bargain it for more stuff. You might be amazed to know that I am still at the same level in terms of my salary as I was 4 years back. Yes, its…

April 7, 2017
buy experiences not things

Earn experiences

Buy experiences not things. Spending on experiences makes people happier than spending on things. Things get broken and go out of style. Experiences get better every time you talk about them. – Jean Chatzky One would ask- What do you do with your life…

April 6, 2017
Do more with less

Do more with less

It’s not just about being small, It’s to do more with less We are stuck in the cycle of MORE- More internet, more cars, more clothes, more alcohol, more television, more news, more negativity, more social media, More work, more pressure and hence left…

April 5, 2017