importance of science for kids

Why Kids should Science more? – Infographic from Psysci

This infographic was created for the purpose of getting children interested in science and its easier than you might think, from teaching children about thought experiments, taking advantage of some great science kits for children or replicating simple experiments seen on YouTube by psychology…

December 21, 2016
year in review

Personal Audit – My Year in review

Hey, WAIT! Do not go by the caption….Its not about Finance but my year in review. I am not keeping up the resolutions this time too. They doesn’t work- at least not for me. That is why I made not to do list at…

December 20, 2016
best carrot soup

Tangy Carrot Soup

Did I tell you I found the recipe of best carrot soup ? No! Let me announce my new discovery. If you read my previous post on Soups, you would know that I am into soup making these days. After-all, Soups are the best…

December 16, 2016

College Admissions in India

College admissions in India is like walking on a tight rope for both students and Parents. It, therefore. needs good beforehand research. Students future lies with them- No doubt why its among the top most searches. While I was hunting the colleges back in…

December 12, 2016
dangal movie

Dangal- on living dreams through our Children

Dangal movie is set to release on December 23 but has already created so much buzz all around. I am not here reviewing the movie- It must be good and will exceed all the expectations. I am here to discuss an underlying parenting issue.…

December 6, 2016
perfect parent

An art we can never be PERFECT at

Do you dream to be a perfect Parent? What is Perfect in this world. Nothing. No human, no animal or any creature. Its just a myth. Then how can we dream of being perfect when it comes to Parenting. When I became a Mother…

December 5, 2016
i am grateful for

Fresh from my Gratitude journal

December is here. I admit I am crossing my fingers wishing the year to end soon. Its not that 2016 holds nothing good but it was disturbing on personal fronts. It was like a turbulent Sea and now, I want to relish the calm…

November 30, 2016
first marathon

Once in my bucket list: My first marathon

There’s nothing in the world like running your first marathon. Yesterday, I ran the Adidas Uprising Marathon which was once in my Bucket list. It was marathon for fun rather than competitive and It took me 40 minutes to ran approx. 3 miles (5…

November 29, 2016
creative gifts

Creativity is as important as Literacy

Did you ever find it difficult to choose a perfect gift for Kids? Now being a Mother myself, I have figured out some creative gifts, Kids will play with over and over and are worth every penny spent. Its been almost 6 months we…

November 21, 2016
homemade soup

About power bowls, winters and warmth

Homemade soup. Sound like Winters, Right? Its been getting little cold here in Northern part of India and I am exploring the power of soups. What a good time to relish these warm meals other than Winters. A Jewish proverb seems so valid to…

November 15, 2016
29TH birthday

Entering 30s series- Treating myself

Its my 29th birthday tomorrow. Do you consider it as a monumental event? Are you already there or still need to reach the milestone?   Its time for me to look back and inside. Its time for a long post but not to make…

November 11, 2016
how to manage blog

Blog-Life balance….Do we need it?

Are you a Blogger who is struggling with Blog-Life balance? If yes, then something needs to be changed and you need to know how to manage blog while living fully. While I agree that balance is something we need managing Work and Life but…

November 8, 2016
what i am thankful for

One day I will say “Life under control”

Dear Zindagi, This is the perfect time to write this letter as I will be entering my 30s this Month, which I consider my half-time if God does not have some other plans. During all these years, you were never harsh on me unreasonably.…

November 5, 2016