29TH birthday

Entering 30s series- Treating myself

Its my 29th birthday tomorrow. Do you consider it as a monumental event? Are you already there or still need to reach the milestone?   Its time for me to look back and inside. Its time for a long post but not to make…

November 11, 2016
how to manage blog

Blog-Life balance….Do we need it?

Are you a Blogger who is struggling with Blog-Life balance? If yes, then something needs to be changed and you need to know how to manage blog while living fully. While I agree that balance is something we need managing Work and Life but…

November 8, 2016
what i am thankful for

One day I will say “Life under control”

Dear Zindagi, This is the perfect time to write this letter as I will be entering my 30s this Month, which I consider my half-time if God does not have some other plans. During all these years, you were never harsh on me unreasonably.…

November 5, 2016
indian festival of lights

Dwindling Festival Gleam

How are you planning to celebrate the Indian festival of lights? Its Diwali time again and childhood memories have already started whirling around. Lighting lighting everywhere…Its like a tonic to the eyes and mind. There is an Aroma in the air – Fragrances of…

October 27, 2016
baby scared

BABA- A renowned scary creature

Do you fear from dark? Yesterday, my Son woke up midnight crying and shouting “Baba Baba” That moment, I was full of anger and guilt. Childhood memories started flashing across my mind- How we used to fear the dark. How my Brother did not…

October 24, 2016
the to do list

Dump that lazy to-do list

Do you make the to do list? Great! But do you really get success and complete all the items in that list? Honestly, I don’t. I hardly made them but whenever I did, I failed. I used to list down everything in my mind…

October 21, 2016
new mother

Welcome new phase of Life with these essentials

Are you a New Mother? You must be going through mood swings and depressing phases. Why I am saying this is because I myself experienced these changes. Amidst all the sleep deprived nights and tantrum handling days, we need to calm ourselves. Only if…

October 14, 2016
featured post

Happiness is…getting read

A featured post– “In Conversation With”: on Over Heaven’s Hill which is an Award Winning Irish Parenting and Lifestyle blog by Geraldine. Geraldine have been writing for years – poetry and short stories are her favorite. Her Blog has so much to offer and can inspire…

October 12, 2016
recycle cassette tapes

Upcycled Audio Cassettes

I am a 80s Kid for whom Music was all about audio tapes. Compiling my favorite songs, getting it recorded on those tapes had its own charm. Time changed, technology evolved. CDs replaced these audio tapes and made them obsolete. My Parents had a…

October 7, 2016
story of friendship

Pooh and Piglet…Our Friendship tale

Some Souls are destined to meet, to bask in the glory of friendship. Friendship to me, is an invisible thread which ties two hearts together for forever. The Day I started Blogging I knew inside I have to write about this special bond in…

October 7, 2016
me time

Little dose of self-care : ME time

Yes, I am a Mother who need some ME time, some fun time and some relax time. Sounds selfish? Its something I am not guilty for- Why should I if I give my 100% to my Kid when I am along with him. I…

October 3, 2016
blog awards

Only a Blogger can feel the true worth of it

Wohoo! I am a Versatile Blogger.   No No, I am not boasting but My Blogging companions feel that. Thank you Suchitra of momlife for nominating my Blog for this lovely award. Only a Blogger can feel the true worth of these blog awards.…

September 29, 2016
toy story

What if those toys had feelings! #Fiction

Last week, I de-cluttered my Kids’s toy world. I got a prompt – What if toys had feelings! and here is the toy story.   A Fictional Toy story I scattered them all over the bed and a white squeaky Fish screeched- “Ouch! It…

September 26, 2016