recycle cassette tapes

Upcycled Audio Cassettes

I am a 80s Kid for whom Music was all about audio tapes. Compiling my favorite songs, getting it recorded on those tapes had its own charm. Time changed, technology evolved. CDs replaced these audio tapes and made them obsolete. My Parents had a…

October 7, 2016
story of friendship

Pooh and Piglet…Our Friendship tale

Some Souls are destined to meet, to bask in the glory of friendship. Friendship to me, is an invisible thread which ties two hearts together for forever. The Day I started Blogging I knew inside I have to write about this special bond in…

October 7, 2016
me time

Little dose of self-care : ME time

Yes, I am a Mother who need some ME time, some fun time and some relax time. Sounds selfish? Its something I am not guilty for- Why should I if I give my 100% to my Kid when I am along with him. I…

October 3, 2016
blog awards

Only a Blogger can feel the true worth of it

Wohoo! I am a Versatile Blogger.   No No, I am not boasting but My Blogging companions feel that. Thank you Suchitra of momlife for nominating my Blog for this lovely award. Only a Blogger can feel the true worth of these blog awards.…

September 29, 2016
toy story

What if those toys had feelings! #Fiction

Last week, I de-cluttered my Kids’s toy world. I got a prompt – What if toys had feelings! and here is the toy story.   A Fictional Toy story I scattered them all over the bed and a white squeaky Fish screeched- “Ouch! It…

September 26, 2016
best status

Hunt for best status is no more

Last week, my Niece was searching for an apt Whatsapp status. She was starting a new life and saying goodbyes to the past. She was entering a golden period of life- College Life. She poked me for the one but I couldn’t be of…

September 25, 2016

Failure to me was unacceptable and he knew it

She was a tough child who loved to excel in everything which she put her best efforts in. She had fear of failure. Drawing and Dancing were her favorites. She always used to get appreciation for them – at Home as well as at…

September 22, 2016
declutter toys

Learning to reduce Toy clutter

Are you a Parent who feels drowned in a pool of toys? I am raising a Toddler who like all other of his age, love his toys . He exclaims with Joy when he see these rainbow colored toys. But on the other hand,…

September 19, 2016
birthday party

He is not my Infant anymore

My baby boy is turning 2 this week and I just can’t believe it. Second year passed so quickly and I am still in new-born hangover. He has transformed from Infant to Toddler. He is doing things independently. He wants me to set him…

September 16, 2016
flowers with love

He did not miss even single year

Have you ever received Flowers from someone?  There must be a smile on your face now, remembering the day. He send these little petals packed into bundle of joy to my way  every year without a miss. He does not only follow the tradition…

September 11, 2016

You can be a writer at Huffington Post

Do you want write for Huffington Post? Last Month, I submitted a Blog pitch to esteemed Huffington Post. I was eagerly waiting for the team to contact me. Its only today I thought to check with them, if my post is eligible to get…

September 9, 2016
being an entrepreneur

Why every Entrepreneur should write a CV

How it is like being an Entrepreneur?   “Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw off the bowlines, sail away from safe harbor, catch the trade…

September 8, 2016
messy play

Messy Play is important

Do you get worried when your Kids make a mess? Do you frown when they stain clothes while playing? Let me tell you, You need not. Tiny feet trotting from one room to another, searching for naughtiness, makes us more patient. Its so obvious…

September 1, 2016