An Ancient Parrot: Paraguay

May 9, 2016

This Country fascinated me with the title of –The cheapest country in the world.

The country was called “parrot gay” on ancient maps. The reason behind this was a homosexual parrot called Frank that was befriended (and later eaten) by early Jesuit (a member of the Society of Jesus) settlers.

The best part is –

Education is free to all here.

Strange but true-

Duelling between two people is legal here but the competitors have to be registered blood donors. It is also mandatory for there to be medical staff on hand.

A tradition-

Instead of greeting people with a “hello”, you have to say “adios” which actually means goodbye. This is meant to be an indication to people who you bump into that you can’t really spare the time to stop and share a drink

Its Contribution to World-

This country is the largest exporter of Hydroelectric power and Soy beans.

Sad to know-

Paraguay’s deforestation rate is one of the highest in the world.

Proud of them-

Paraguayan women produce some of the world’s best lacework. Ñandutí is a famous traditional Paraguayan embroidered lace also called as “spider lace”.

As a Nation-

Paraguay’s flag is the only national flag in the world to have different emblems on the obverse (front) and reverse (back).

The lapacho is the national tree of Paraguay.

Paraguay In Records-

This country is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having hosted the world’s biggest barbecue ever with around 30,000 participants.


Interesting! Homes here have no doorbells. Instead, you are expected to announce your arrival by clapping your hands. The weather in the country is very hot and windows are always left open this the claps can be heard very clearly.



Loved to explore about this landlocked Country rich in natural resources. #DiscoverACountry


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  • It sounds like an amazing country. I’m not so sure the dueling Laws are such a good idea, though, even with the donor cards. I still think the laws may kill more people than they save. 🙂

    • I too feel its odd..People must be loving it for the law to exist. Thanks for reading.

  • Nice read.

    This is what I had in mind when I suggested the idea for Indispire. Thanks for writing. 🙂

    • Thanks Zero 🙂 It was fun participating. Nice idea.

  • Dashy

    That is a lot of things to remembet if we’re going to visit the place. Interesting news :D.

    • Thanks Dashy for the valuable feedback.

  • very interesting indeed…..!

    • Thanks Sunaina. Welcome to my world.Loved your tagline “When I Stopped to Smell a Rose”

  • those are very interesting facts. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Upasna

      Thanks Rajlakshmi for your valuable feedback.

    • Thanks Rajlakshmi. I am happy to know.