Remembering random acts of Kindness

May 3, 2016

As I am writing for this post, I cannot miss re-posting an old incident happened way back in 2011:


You must have heard about the infamous local train journey in Mumbai.Yes you are right, its overcrowded but lively and memorable.

I was new to the City and Mumbai local and moreover naive. While boarding Mumbai local 5 years ago from Andheri station, I lost my wallet having all the money and important documents when I was going to visit my Cousin who lives in Malad west.

I sat down, forlorn and confused. A girl sitting diagonally opposite to me, noticed me sulking and came to me to know the reason. She tried to console me first with her kind words as I was unable to speak up. I, stammeringly explained her the happening.

We get off at Malad station. I was feeling helpless as I was left with no money. She asked me to calm down and have something to eat. To my surprise, she took me to the nearby Eatery and offered me money to reach my Cousin’s place. I accepted her help with the promise to return the same. She did not bother if I will return the money or not and helped me taking the rickshaw. However, next day, I went to her office to return the favor and thank her again for her goodness.


We all are blessed to witness these random acts of kindness but tend to forget them as we get caught up in the fast paced lives.

Some random kind acts which made my day

  • My Son’s day care Aunt offered me an ear to listen to my worries, asked me to sit and relax, offered me water. I could feel the burden released.
  • A vegetable vendor selected picky pieces for me when I told him that a Kid will gonna eat that.
  • A group of people came to my help when I fell down lying unconsciously, ensured if I am fine.

Ya sometimes, I too feel kind to myself –

Over the weekend, I pamper myself with Home pedicure and Face massage.

I do Yoga in the morning.

I prepare myself a yummy Shake or favorite Veggie.


I am sure each one of us experience these kind acts now and then. Scratch your mind and list down those random acts of kindness. You will love your life even more.


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  • I wish there were more people like her in the world; it would be a better place. 🙂

    • We all wish the same Anmol. Thanks for dropping by. Your 100 days challenge is fun to read.

  • That was a very kind act by the other passenger. I want to live in a world where such things are done by everybody. I don’t think we’re quite there yet, though.

    • True Bun…She must be sneezing that we are remembering her a lot 😉
      I cannot expect everyone to do so because good and bad always stands together but yes, we will reach where goodness over number.Lets start with us. Thanks for reading.

  • Thanks for sharing all these RAKs, Upasana. I’m glad that you are kind to yourself too!

    • Thanks Corinne. I feel we start loving life more if we are kind to ourselves.Right?

  • I think the hardest thing sometimes is being kind to yourself. Thanks for sharing an interesting incident — lovely gesture there. As someone who caught trains in Bombay for 5 years on a daily basis, I can empathise!

    • Yes Sanch, I am so thankful to her as I did not have any other option. She must be sent by Almighty.
      Ha ha.. Mumbai Locals- fun and chaos.