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Unique Indian Pickles at your Doorstep

March 23, 2017

No meal is complete without a dash of the sweet, sour and mouthwatering Indian pickle. It is known by different names across the country – Uppinakaayi in Kannada, Pachadi in Telgu, Urukai in Tamil, Uppillittuthu in Malayalam, Loncha in Marathi, Athanu in Gujarati and Āchār in Hindi. At any time, our Home is resident by at least 5 varieties of Indian Pickle. There are respective favorites of each member. One must wonder over the endless options for a Pickle- Sweet, Sour…

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10 Indian superstitions we still believe in

February 20, 2017

Superstitions are beliefs related to the cultural milieu of a nation and Indian superstitions are no exception. Even though we deny believing them but still go wary when its talked about. Do you believe in them? or if you are like me who doesn’t believe but cannot speak against it as people around you believe in them. Indian Superstitions I have come across   1. If you flip the slippers down or over each other, you’ll have bad luck.  …

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Dealing with people and unsolicited advice

May 4, 2016
unsolicited advice

Unsolicited advice is a common thing in our country. Every Parent has to face it. ‘WEAK’ is a haunted word to me. It’s been overused by people around, to the point of losing its original meaning. Let’s not confuse it with slim. This interchanging of words has become ingrained enough in our psyche as to become a cliché. I was a lean but active child- fond of butter and paneer. Despite my love for milk products, I did not ever have…

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Cycling in India has taken a backseat

April 11, 2016
cycling in india

CyclyngA rare scene in India is to spot an educated person riding a Bicycle. Once we hop on these fuel-thirsty vehicles, we never look back even once. If you are an Indian, you will get my point. We Indians have this habit of relating all the things with the financial status. If one can afford a 4-wheeler, why shall he keep a 2 wheeler or If one can afford a fueled 2 wheeler, Why Cycle?? You agree with me, Don’t…

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10 things we Indians should give up

March 8, 2016
Indian habits

Every nation, culture or society has some annoying habits but being an Indian myself, I wish my fellow men to give up these 10 Indian habits. Its high time we leave these habits as they reflect a bad picture. 10 Indian Habits we should give up-   Breaking traffic rules We cut the Queues. We Break the Traffic signals. We don’t respect Traffic Cop. Turn the newspaper and you will read about endless incidents proving my point.   Unnecessary Honking…

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Spreading the message: GANDHI style

October 2, 2015

Today, on Gandhi Jayanti I am sharing my experiment with Gandhigiri. One evening, while coming back home from a walk, I noticed a family in SUV enjoying McD meals. Soon after finishing the meal, one member threw the remains outside the window on the pavement. Following him, all the members did the same.…

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