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Life through the eyes of a Toddler

July 14, 2017
Life through the eyes of Toddler

Mommy drops me in the Day care while she is away in Office. I do not like this, I feel sad when she waves me saying “Bye! Good day”. Its not that I do not like my Day care Aunt but still. Ahhh! here I am again. Punched one of my friends in the day care, Aunty asked “Why did you do this?” I said with a smile “Mommy says-Love your friends but this is the way I show my…

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May 20, 2017
best learning apps for toddlers

Mom:  “Why don’t you spend enough time with the Kid”? Father: “See, we are watching YouTube together” Mom: “Do you even know what he is watching?”   With a Screen device in every hand, we all are changing the definitions of Entertainment and Play.  According to the survey by AppyStore, 58 percent Indian parents use Internet based tools for their kids. We cannot stop their fascination for screen devices, but we can always control what they see and hear. The…

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Quell those unhealthy wants

April 20, 2017
wants and needs for kids

As parents we naturally want to give our children what they want but it does not work that way because it does not promise true happiness. To keep a balance between wants and needs for kids, we need to first model it and then expect them to learn. Messy or Cluttered is not a personality trait. It should not be. Let Kids not define them as someone who loves cluttered spaces. I understand its easier said than done. But lets…

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An open letter to Rap singers by a Mother

March 29, 2017
rap music for kids

Ever cringed at the meanings of Lyrics in the latest songs belted out by Rappers or worry that Rap Music for Kids may be destructive?   Whats up Rappers, I am a Mother of a Toddler who wish to share her concern with you all on behalf of every Parent. The other day while I was driving back Home, my 2 YO wished turning on the Radio to tune in to FM. This has become our routine and daily dose…

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How Mustard oil is beneficial for the Infants and toddlers

March 3, 2017
mustard oil for babies

Being a Mother to a Toddler, I am sharing the uses of Mustard oil for Babies as now I use it myself for my Kid. Mustard oil  is also known as “sarson ka tel” in Hindi, “sorshe tel” in Bengali, “rai ka tel” in Punjabi, “Kadugu Ennai” in Tamil. It has lots of medicinal benefits and is used extensively for babies and kids in South Asia.   Note: Do not use mustard oil before your Baby turns 6 months old.…

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Why Kids should Science more? – Infographic from Psysci

December 21, 2016
importance of science for kids

This infographic was created for the purpose of getting children interested in science and its easier than you might think, from teaching children about thought experiments, taking advantage of some great science kits for children or replicating simple experiments seen on YouTube by psychology and science website, Psysci.   Importance of science for kids-   If you liked this post, you can have these posts delivered to your inbox: Subscribe to Life through my Bioscope Email Address *  …

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What if those toys had feelings! #Fiction

September 26, 2016
toy story

Last week, I de-cluttered my Kids’s toy world. I got a prompt – What if toys had feelings! and here is the toy story.   A Fictional Toy story I scattered them all over the bed and a white squeaky Fish screeched- “Ouch! It hurts”- Heavy Yellow car hit her on his head. I announced – “Today, I will clean the clutter”. A wave of panic spread in the room. Every toy started making noise. I  picked the little fish…

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Learning to reduce Toy clutter

September 19, 2016
declutter toys

Are you a Parent who feels drowned in a pool of toys? I am raising a Toddler who like all other of his age, love his toys . He exclaims with Joy when he see these rainbow colored toys. But on the other hand, he gets bored of them quickly and love playing with utensils and sticks instead. Moreover, having lots of toys create only clutter which stresses me out. Declutter toys in these 5 simple ways: Stack them Sometimes,…

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He is not my Infant anymore

September 16, 2016
birthday party

My baby boy is turning 2 this week and I just can’t believe it. Second year passed so quickly and I am still in new-born hangover. [clickandtweet handle=”@lifebioscope” hashtag=”#kids #birthday #party” related=”” layout=”” position=””]He is not my Infant anymore.[/clickandtweet] He has transformed from Infant to Toddler. He is doing things independently. He wants me to set him free. I remember the days when I could cuddle him for hours but now, he turns jumpy when I kiss him non-stop on…

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