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Alone Time: Love and Laughter

February 6, 2016
alone time

Being in a Joint Family, we rarely get some alone time when we can sit together to watch our favorite TV show or a Movie. I always wished to sit together and do silly talking for hours while holding the hands. We used to target Weekends for Movie Mania- all set with Laptop and Munchies. Thanks to those Punjabi Comedies which made us laugh together. Sometimes, a humorous forwarded joke from a friend made us giggle and initiated the silly…

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Sleepless nights: Fantastico experience

January 27, 2016

Are you a Sleep deprived mom? Sleepless is a new adjective in my life adding to my other self-proclaimed traits. I had never been an early bird despite my multiple resolutions nor I had a habit to hit the bed before the clock strike 12. But then that’s enough of sleep- 7 hrs for a normal person. I wonder if I am no more a normal person now. How much would I sleep, I crave for some more. Is this…

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