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Dealing with people and unsolicited advice

May 4, 2016
unsolicited advice

Unsolicited advice is a common thing in our country. Every Parent has to face it. ‘WEAK’ is a haunted word to me. It’s been overused by people around, to the point of losing its original meaning. Let’s not confuse it with slim. This interchanging of words has become ingrained enough in our psyche as to become a cliché. I was a lean but active child- fond of butter and paneer. Despite my love for milk products, I did not ever have…

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Prejudice is meant to be broken

March 1, 2016

There are many prejudices in our Society which are forwarded from 1 generation to another. One of the prejudice is related to LAUNDRY which is supposed to be a Women’s job. Like every week, my Husband was back home with a bag full of unwashed clothes. Mother-in-law asked me to empty the bag and put those clothes to wash. I was happily doing this till I got loaded with my Motherly responsibilities. I started expecting him to take this task…

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Break Gender Stereotypes

September 14, 2015

I will not stop my Son to point his finger at a doll when it comes to buying a toy. Some will laugh at this Some will mock me Others debate over this I live in a country full of stereotypes and Gender stereotypes is the biggest challenge each Indian has to face right from childhood. How much we resist these stereotypes, we cannot get rid of them. We can experience these in 1 way or the other and slowly,…

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