What if those toys had feelings! #Fiction

September 26, 2016

Last week, I de-cluttered my Kids’s toy world.

I got a prompt – What if toys had feelings! and here is the toy story.


A Fictional Toy story

I scattered them all over the bed and a white squeaky Fish screeched- “Ouch! It hurts”- Heavy Yellow car hit her on his head.

I announced – “Today, I will clean the clutter”. A wave of panic spread in the room. Every toy started making noise.

I  picked the little fish up and placed it aside. Fish was confused and murmured- “OMG! Will I be out today?”

A blue bike smirked in proud but its smile disappeared when I said- “Bike will be of no use now as its wheels are gone.”

As I picked few broken Building blocks, they went sad separating from the entire set.

It was a mixed bag of feelings that day- Some were sad being dejected, some were smiling in victory as they made to my list, some were confused what will happen to them.

I was sad too, as I bought them with love but separation from them is inevitable.

I divided them into 2 sets and found the dejected ones saying sad goodbye to the rest of them.

I made them understand that it is the part of life. “Don’t worry- you will find another place to live in and a new loving heart.” I bid farewell to them that day but kept them in my memories.

This post is written in response to a prompt on  Write Tribe

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  • obsessivemom

    Aw that’s a sweet story. Yeah we need to remember that they will find happy homes elsewhere. That said – there are one (or maybe two or three) that I’ll keep forever :-P.

    • He he… may be. There is nothing bad keeping 1-2 I believe but clutter is not so good.Thanks for taking time to read Tulika

  • I was convinced as a child my soft toys had feelings. I used to sleep with so many so none would feel rejected. I got payback when my daughter felt the same. My girls have so many soft toys! #mg

    • Awww. Soft toys are something I adore even today.

  • Lot of people have this possession for things but then its only good till some extent. Thanks for sharing Menaka.

  • aawww poor toys… seems they just learnt a lesson life often teaches humans 🙂

    • 🙂 Everything with feelings has to face this one day.

  • Mother of 3

    Cute! But… wow have we gotten rid of SO MANY toys as my boys have aged.

    • We need to say byes to so many…once in our own childhood and then again as Parents.

  • It’s just lucky toys don’t have feelings, I guess. I’ve thrown out so many.

    • He he..Bun. It can be scary too if they decide to take revenge.

  • Karen Belton

    It’s the end of an era but the start of s new one for both sides! Toys!! #mg

    • True that, Karen. Thanks for passing by.

  • Menaka Bharathidasan

    That is a problem with me too, I can never see a thing as clutter. I connect things with the emotion I had when I had bought them, and then it never actually goes off from me..have a lot of them lying around..nice read ….Menaka Bharathi has recently published /saving-investing-know-exactly