A tribute to Travel Bloggers : Travel Blogging myths

July 12, 2016

Back in 2011, I heard for the first time that people are earning by traveling around the word. I was too fascinated by the job as it does not bind a person to one place, to one chair and to same people.

It sounded awesome to me. I wished I had one but the wish faded with time as other responsibilities took over.

When I started Blogging, I came across other Bloggers who write about their traveling experiences aka Globe Trotters.

Now, I realize there were many Travel Blogging myths in my mind:

Its only possible when you are single

I know many fellow bloggers now who are not only married but manage their travel with Kids along. Of course, its not easy but they organize well.

Its easy to travel and work

They work incredibly hard. A perfect shot, good content, researching, writing, capturing, editing, observing, exploring and learning.

They’re almost always in transit. You may think it is incredible that your favorite travel blogger is in a different country each month, but that lifestyle does come with sacrifice and a demanding schedule.

They need to be open to new experiences every single day for they do not take safe routes.

Travel Blogging is always lucrative

Not all their expenses are covered and it does not make them rich overnight.

The companies they work with want something in return- Articles, Social media access, Time. So they are not really getting anything for free.

They can do what they want when they want

Instead of deciding how to spend the time in a city, they have activities mapped out for them including some activities that may not excite them.When you become a professional blogger travel becomes a job rather than a leisure activity.

Things do go wrong for them too. Some of the best travel bloggers have had terrible experience. They too miss flights, sleep on the floor in airports, get food poisoning, loose their cameras, get sunburn, feel scared, run out of money, get lost, run out of batteries, have bad hotel experiences and get caught up in dangerous situations, just like any other traveler.

Sincere appreciation to all the travel Writers/Bloggers out there who travel to explore the unexplored. Keep Wandering.

travel blogging

Do you guys had any travel myths?

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This post is written for Day 3 of Write Tribe Festival of Words #5

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  • True….we all have misconceptions about things…..and grass always looks greener on the other side…..Travel and work no doubt require discipline and planning….With my two kids, I can only wonder how those with kids manage to do it…..Hats off to them….

    • You are right Sunaina- Hats off to them.

  • Fantastic article… let the world know that travel bloggers are not on a dream vacation. We can ad many things and someday we will write long post over it. We went through horrible experiences during the immigration in Bolivia. In our recent travel to New Zealand we were denied boarding. There are 100 such incidences. Thanks for the Isla del Sol tweet 🙂

    • Thanks guys. My job has been accomplished when a veteran traveler back my points. You must come over a post covering the challenges. Let the world know -Its not easy. You could compile them to write a book. Cheers to you guys.

  • I agree with your myths. Travel blogging is much harder than it appears in the virtual world, but many I know wouldn’t change their lives at all. Great post!

    • Its good to know that my Myths are real. Hope to see you here often.

  • Subhadip Mukherjee

    Cheers to that…. 🙂

    • Thanks Subhadip. Cheers to all of you guys for sharing your traveling stories beautifully.

  • twinklingtina

    Hey, such a nice post on travel blogging. It all sounds nice but is a hard work. How anyone would want to be a travel blogger and travel free!

    • Thanks for backing me Tina. Loved you Logo.