What’s in a Name

November 14, 2015

Indian government gives us 1 more fundamental right- Liberty to name a person whatever we want.

You will say its a norm but No, some countries do have rules for naming a person- A few countries ban a number of names.

Mexican state of Sonora banned many names such as Harry Potter, Hermione, Hitler or Batman.

Germany also bars the naming of a child after an object or product.

In Malaysia, parents are not permitted to name children after animals, fruits or vegetables.

For exampleyou will not find a child named Bear running around with his sister Apple and their friend Marigold. 😀

naming2While naming a child, parents think about it for months and even argue over the choice. Its reasonable because a Name will walk with the person till the end and after the Life too.

A person will be remembered by its actions but the medium is a Name.


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

It is a frequently referenced part of William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet meaning a property of a person or a thing does not change if its given another name.

Mango will still be sweet.
Salt will still be salty.

Similarly, a person’s character will not change with its name. A Mother would love her children just the same had they been called by another name.


When I was browsing the Internet for finding a name for my Son, I noticed websites segregating the names based on Religion as If a person’s existence is only possible if there is a religion.

A: Hello, What is your name?
B:  Misha Paul
A:  Ok! You are Christian
B: No, I am Hindu
A: Ohh Sorry, You name is confusing

Confusing! Yeah, That’s what our lives are- We only have messed up the things.

And In case, someone choose to change his/her Religion, its like a torture for them to go through a Name change process. Is it really required for the conversion to be complete? A change of religion is a change in the path rather than one’s Identity. In our society, it is expected for Name and Religion to be perfectly mapped. Otherwise, one need to face bombardment of questions.

Whatever the name be, it should be respected and not be butchered as Name might be a reflection of culture and family backgrounds.

Do share –

What names are popular in your country?

What does your name mean?

How did you parents pick it?

And if you have a child, how did you pick the name? We would love to hear.

Sharing is Merrying.

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