How I inspired myself to be a working Mother and keep it stress free

February 6, 2017
being a working mother

Mothers are same around the globe. Being a full-time working Mother myself, I believe every working Mother in the world must be visited by a thought of quitting her Job once she step into the world of Coos and Gigglez.

No wonder because the world of Mothers is so vivid and beautiful that every other luxury or privilege seems less.

Who does not love her Career, its something where we all reach with lots of struggle. Not only us but our Parents equally struggles helping us stand out in the crowd. They had dreams for us just like we have for our Kids now.

While I was still on my maternity leave, a thought of I-am-not-going-back to work never left my mind. I just wanted to be with my Baby, so fragile and pure. Everything I did for the baby- giving bath, feeding and massaging made me fall more in Love ❤ . My reluctance to go back was clearly visible when I asked my employer for extending my leave, thought unpaid.

See, how becoming Mother makes you selfless.

It was a bag of mixed feelings where your heart and mind pulls you in different directions. Out of my anxiety, I asked my Mother how she managed to settle her mind after I was born and she had to join back the Office. She smiled and said- “You must be feeling like quitting your Job. Right?”. My eyes spoke for me and a tear rolled out my eye silently. It was then she helped me melting down my anxiety and wiping out my worries.


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Though, guilt will never leave us but make sure to carve out some time for yourself every week. Here’s why- Little dose of Self care

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working mother

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    That’s an amazing post how to deal with someone of older generation

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