Delayed Gratification: Because we all want everything quick

November 19, 2020
Importance of delayed gratification

This post “importance of delayed gratification” first appeared on my podcast channel –Comeback Minimalist. Audio version- Do you feel kicked or motivated when you have your morning coffee or when your social media post gain more likes or when you buy something in your wish list? These all are examples of Gratification which is defined as pleasure or satisfaction. Let me share something about “Marshmallow experiment“. It’s an experiment where children were asked to choose between a smaller treat, which…

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How to market your podcast

3 ways to increase the reach of your podcast

No matter how consistent you are, how good your voice is or how useful your content is but without marketing, it will not be able to gather ears. So, how to market your podcast and gain organic traffic easily.…

October 18, 2020
host and distribute podcast

How to host and distribute your podcast

After you have done recording your first few episodes, you now need to host and distribute podcast across the available platforms. You need a hosting platform to store your mp3 files and provide you with a single link to all your episodes which is…

October 10, 2020
things to know before starting a podcast

Things to do before starting a podcast

Podcasting is not new but still a less explored area in the market of digital media and the ratio of Podcast to Blog numbers is still very low. So, it’s great to start a podcast for your brand or business. Whatever you are- Blogger,…

October 1, 2020
effects of television on children

Why we don’t have TV at our Home?

We don’t have Television at our Home. When we shifted to our new house last year, I discussed with my partner about the negative effects of television on children and we both agreed that TV will not find a place in our Home as…

September 13, 2020