Which type of Minimalist are you?

June 4, 2019
types of minimalists

“MINIMALIST”- If you have already heard this term, that’s great. If Not- Read this and you will get a fair idea. Summarizing it here for you- A Minimalist is one who believes that collecting experiences is better than collecting things. Like every other theory, there are many different ways to practice Minimalism too. We can say that there are many paths for one to follow this journey. Types of Minimalists can be defined according to these different ways to follow…

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How to make chores fun for Kids

Make household chores a fun task for Kids

Before I dive into “How to make chores fun for Kids” let’s get out of a bubble first. Chores are not only for the grown-ups. Chores can be done right from the Infant age. No No, I am not talking about child labor or…

May 15, 2019
An interview with Konmari certified Gayatri Gandhi

An Interview with Gayatri Gandhi, founder of Joy Factory

Joy Factory is a one-of-its-kind professional Clutter Management Company helping individuals in organizing and establishing tidying processes for their premises. Joy Factory is India’s only Konmari certified firm. Founded in August 2017 by Gayatri Gandhi, Joy Factory offers decluttering and organizing solutions based on…

May 10, 2019
Share the load

Sharing the laundry load at Home

“Share the load” is a way to introduce Gender Sensitization, which is an integral part of Parenting these days. It was Sunday and Rashmi, a Mother of 2 Kids, wanted to relax and enjoy it after a long tiring week at Work. It was…

April 22, 2019

Perception #WordlessWednesdays

Sunrise or Sunset It’s how you take it It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau Linking with Wordless Wednesday hosted by Esha and Natasha,…

March 27, 2019
Letter by a Mother of a naughty Kid

An open diary of a Mom whose Kid is infamous

This post “Mother of a naughty kid” is my personal experience of being a mother to a Toddler who is as naughty as he is wise, as notorious as he is honest, as loud as he is sensitive and as rude as he is…

March 25, 2019

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