Do not follow the crowd and create the Bucket List that is unique to you

July 11, 2018
how to create a bucket list

You may be 30 or 60 but there must be a list of things you have always wanted to do but could not. We all have our unique wishes that we want to accomplish before we die. The list of these wishes is termed as a BUCKET LIST. If you have ever browsed the internet for how to create a bucket list or what does a Bucket list include, you would have found the clichéd items- Travelling around the world,…

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IUGR baby

My journey with IUGR baby

Pregnancy is filled with so many physical and emotional changes. While it is a beautiful journey from carrying a bean-sized baby in your womb to holding your bundle of joy in your hands, it also comes with some bittersweet experiences. Pregnancy involves anxiety, unknown changes,…

June 12, 2018

QuotedStories linky party #19

Hello, lovely linkers. Welcome back to QuotedStories #19. My Favorite Quote from QuotedStories #18 by Vasantha– “Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed.”   Coming back to the linky, you can…

March 15, 2018
air conditioning in schools

Do our Kids need AC in Schools?

Should Schools have air conditioning or not, is a total another question. I am writing this article as a Parent discussing whether our Kids need AC in Schools or not?   As a Parent who can afford to send her child in air-conditioned School,…

March 6, 2018