Hi! I’m Upasna: Parenting Blogger, Gratitude practitioner, and a self-proclaimed Minimalist.


Parenting Stories and Struggles

Being a Mother to 2 Kids, I share my real-life parenting struggles and their solutions based on my own experience.

I hope my story motivates you and helps you to cherish your parenting journey.


To give you an idea-

Why I convinced my Partner for a second child?

How to choose the right Pre-school for your Kid?

and many more.



How having less money took me to Minimalism

Its been 2 years now that I am on this never-ending journey of Minimalism. My quest for “where to begin” made me write a short book for the ones who wish to explore about Minimalism.

A-Z of Minimalism

I am proud to share that it gathered positive responses from all over the world.



Being Grateful helps me grow both as a Parent and a human being.

Since I started practicing Gratitude, I tend to see the good hidden behind every situation. Writing a Gratitude journal is now a part of my daily routine.

I started with paper journal and now, I use my App “Gratitude Pie” to note down my grateful moments on-the-go. Now, I don’t need to sit down with pen and paper.

A colorful Gratitude journal mobile App



I believe learning never stops and each day, I try to become the better version of myself.

I share motivational and healthy living posts with the hope to inspire others.

You can begin here-

How to feel proud of yourself?

Things that hold us back from living our dreams

and many more.


I also contributed for Parentous, Women’s Web and Buzzing Bubs

I hope you find this blog both informative and amusing and come back to visit often. You can get in touch with me by email lifethroughmybioscope@gmail.com


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