WTF we had- Cheers to Girl Gang

June 4, 2016
all girls college

I was sad the day my Father got me admitted to All Girls college. Not sure why-

Should I blame teenage


the missing male element


just the preconceived notion of boring and life-less girls college


Phew! I cannot be sure about the answer as it was a long time now (It was 2003), leaving faded memories. But the crux is I WAS WRONG.

I couldn’t enjoyed that much if it was a co-ed counterpart rather than girls Adda (hub). My College life started right after I completed my 10th as I preferred the Diploma path to pursue my Engineering rather than Higher secondary. A confession to make here: The reason was – I hated Chemistry but never knew that I will bump into it this way too.

Nevertheless, I do not regret my choice.

all girls college

WTF  I had in those 3 years of my college life has become a memory to relive, to cherish and to boast about.

We were a gang of 6 and had 2 two-wheelers which made us triple-seating but not totally. Thanks to Chandigarh Traffic Police which is famous for its strict rules but somehow, we managed.

Please tell me first you will not laugh at this– Whenever we had to go out for a tafri (slang used for purposeless outing), 2 of us get down just before the traffic lights and back up once crossed. We had a favorite hangout place where we used to relish hot Alu Paranthas topped with a slice of Butter under the shade of Wooden roofed huts.

However, the college was more like a school when it comes to break out early and we renamed it as a JAIL but even then we managed to escape out, naughty we. I had my first Bunk during the first month of College. It was a rainy day and we enjoyed splashing in the water.

We got caught once bunking the college for a movie. We gave stupid excuses but forgot that – Teachers know it all as they too were students.

I love the way we could enjoy the festivals specially Holi, the festival of colors. Splashing water on each other, rubbing colors and running behind each other was what we did without any hesitation.

I took part in Contests, Sports and Fests without the fear of resistance and mocking from opposite sex. I enjoyed each bit of it. The best part was there was no make up and break up stories on the campus. Moreover, boys were not the reason of back-biting and grudges.

Just before the Exam, all were spotted having their Books open for the last time revision; thing which is missing with Boys. It was a fun scene to witness 🙂

We had fights, arguments and chit chats. Some parted their ways but all ended up with good memories to pack up and move ahead. I must say I made friends for lifetime with whom I can share the weirdest joke without bothering about their reaction. They never let me go off the track and supported me during bad patches.

I cannot forget hurting my Friends once with 1 single comment but when I repent it, I made every effort to appease them. It left all of us teary eyed but I was lucky to have forgiving friends.



All Girls college is extreme fun at times. Nothing can beat a group of happy, hyper girls!

  • We often let our naughty side up to crack Non-veg jokes.
  • We did not mind uttering abusive words as there was no male around.
  • We had lots of encouraging women around.
  • We could openly discuss girl issues.
  • If there was any male lecturer, he was a point of discussion and a Crush of many.


Those 3 years helped me grow as a person, matured me and infused confidence for the time ahead. I stepped out as a better person.

What are your experiences or notions about all Girls College? Comment and let me know.

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  • Reply June 14, 2016 at 4:51 pm

    I studied at a co-ed boarding school but as we lived in girls-only accommodation, it felt like a girls school a lot of the time. Like you, I made friends for life and some magical memories. I wouldn’t change a single thing!

    • Reply upasna June 14, 2016 at 5:03 pm

      Its great to read about similar experiences and like-minded people. Welcome here Sammie.

  • Reply Bun Karyudo June 5, 2016 at 8:19 am

    It sounds like you had a good time taking the educational route you did. My own experience was studying at university in a co-ed environment. I think that was better for me. I studied English literature, and that subject is enriched, I think, by having people from the widest possible range of backgrounds and experiences share their ideas.

    • Reply upasna June 6, 2016 at 12:15 am

      Yes Bun it was fun. I can say that Girls only was better for me as when I went for my graduation in co-ed college, I could feel the missing elements. Thanks for sharing your views.

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