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December 28, 2015

For those who ever stumbled upon my  ABOUT page, knows that I love to greet my Loved ones with a personal touch- Cards, Frames or Message boards.

This long loved hobby of mine took a backseat when I stepped into Mother’s World.

But what I did not quit on, is to collect everything which is DIY friendly with the hope to utilize them one or the other day. Now, I have a huge stock on my Craft shelves.


The only inspiration behind my Hobby is- A Smile.

It brings a smile on recipient’s face and shine in my eyes. Moreover, memories are refreshed and  bonds get stronger. Win-Win for all.

There are multiple vendors in the market offering handmade customized products but I feel they are not stitched with the Love which only you can infuse.

I can always relate it with my Mother’s thought on self-prepared food-

[clickandtweet handle=”lifebioscope” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]”Food cooked with Love has the power to heal”[/clickandtweet] .


Like my Writing love for which I manage everything else, I am trying to steal some time for it too.

I started with – My Baby Scrapbook.

Being a Mother now, I will try to experiment with the ideas my Kid would love. Reinventing traditional games, Decorating the room and so on.

I wish someone would lend me few hours of their day so that I can follow my lost Passion again.

Update: I managed to spare some time for crafts- Check out DIY section for more.

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