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A Minimalist podcast by an Indian – Comeback Minimalist

July 1, 2020
comeback minimalist podcast

It’s been 3 years that I bumped into Minimalism and there was no looking back after that. There are many reasons that I got attracted to Minimalism but the foremost reason is the freedom it offers. Freedom to follow your passion, freedom to earn less and freedom from clutter. Why I started the Minimalist podcast? Being an Indian, I feel we Indians are falling prey to over-consumerism from last so many years and it’s time to step back. Let’s be…

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Things people cannot stand in a relationship

May 15, 2020
common relationship problems

Relationships are complex and more complex are the emotions that underlies. Though every relationship is different as each one of us is unique and therefore our traits and habits. We all handle our relationships differently. Some of us express our emotions, some prefers to hide them. Though every relationship goes through the ups and downs but there are few things which strains and weakens the bond. There are some common relationship problems which are faced by almost every couple, no…

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How Lockdown is turning us towards Minimalism?

April 23, 2020
Minimalism in lockdown

With Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown, we all are trying our best to cope up. Some are struggling financially, some are struggling mentally and some are struggling each day as they are locked down, away from their homes or loved ones. It’s been a month now that Malls are closed, Supermarkets are non-functional and now when we are only buying the essentials, we are forced to live minimally. Not only we are minimizing our material needs but we have minimized our…

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Be a Lotus in the Mud #WordlessWednesday

April 17, 2020
Renuka lake pictures

These Pics were taken by me on our Trip to Renuka Ji. While Kids and Hubby were sleeping, I went on a morning stroll to capture the stillness of the morning time. While walking around the Renuka Lake, I conversed with local vendors about their usage of plastic bags and burning of garbage. I told them that the Tourists will come and go but it is only affecting their own town, which will indirectly affect the tourist activities and their…

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Imperfect and improvement

April 10, 2020
We are perfectly imperfect

We all are perfectly imperfect. That’s perfectly alright. We all should try how to deal with our imperfections rather than just pretending to be perfect. Accept yourself as just as you are- ‘perfectly imperfect’ and it will take you to the road of freedom. Freedom from unrealistic comparisons and unworthy feeling. However, we all should look towards improving ourselves and strive to be our better version each day. With a new day, we should welcome new changes that would helps…

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Humanity is our only religion

April 9, 2020
humanity is a religion

I am not much into religion. But I am a highly spiritual person. Do you see a contrast here? If yes, this post is not for you. But if you feel that it is possible, read ahead. My Kid is 6 years old and the only religion I told him about, is Humanity. The religion of Humanity is not guided by any scriptures, any sayings or chants. It is supported by Moral values. Treating everyone with kindness, feeling compassion for…

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Gratitude and Galore

April 7, 2020
gratitude and abundance

Gratitude builds a bridge to Abundance Roy Bennett Gratitude is expressing thankfulness towards something or someone. Galore is abundance. It’s now proven that the more we feel happy and thankful about what we have, the more happiness we attract. I got introduced to the term and its philosophy in 2018 and since then, I always try to find the good in every thing. Though, I fail many times but my heart is always Grateful towards God’s every creation. I feel…

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Fear and Freedom

April 6, 2020
freedom from fear

The only real prison is Fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from Fear. Aung San Suu Kyi There are so many fears that engulf your lives, making our lives miserable. Not having enough Not being good enough Not doing enough Not giving enough Not spiritual enough Not healthy enough Not happy enough These fears do not let us harness our true potential and prevent us taking necessary risks. Related post- Things that hold us back I think I…

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Equality and Empathy

April 6, 2020
equality and empathy

Equality and Empathy go hand in hand. While Equality is giving same opportunities to everyone. Empathy is about standing in someone’s else shoes, feeling with his or her heart. Without Empathy in their heart, people would always resist equality. Empathy allows equality between and among individuals. Be it Gender Equality , Social Equality or Economic equality we won’t be able to accept it until we are Empathetic. Exercise: Are you empathetic towards your Partner or Colleague or Subordinate? Written as…

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Desire and Delight

April 4, 2020
desire and delight quote

Love consists in desiring to give what is our own to another and feeling his delight as our own. Emanuel Swedenborg Love has always been a debatable topic. There are so many definitions and explanations and each one is little different. Love is just a feeling, like every other feeling. I liked the way “Emanuel Swedenborg” has explained Love in this quote. No fantasy, No romanticism, only truth. This definition applies to “Love” in every relationship. Love of Parents for…

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