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Tried and tested ways to make massage time enjoyable for Babies

December 11, 2018
massage time for babies

Massage time is the perfect time for a Parent to connect with the Baby. Not only it’s beneficial for their physical growth but it also strengthens their emotional well-being.   Massage, if done in a proper way, calms down the baby and relaxes their muscles. Rather than looking at it as a task, massage time should be enjoyed by both, Parent and the Baby.   How to make massage time enjoyable for Babies There are many resources available online on…

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Do you regret having Kids?

November 29, 2018
regret having kids

Let me make a confession first– Our first Kid was not a planned one. I was not at all ready to be a Parent. Even my Husband was not. But it happened. I happily announced it to everyone around.   I tried not to show the disappointment to my partner but once when we were out on an after-dinner walk, I started crying. My husband was clueless. I was reluctant to tell him the truth because, by default, women are…

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How to introduce your Kids to Thanksgiving?

November 22, 2018
thanksgiving celebration

Thanksgiving is not only a festival but a tradition which should be passed from generation to generation.   Historically, Thanksgiving is a harvest festival. We should introduce Toddlers and Kids to this festival which is about giving thanks to the ones who are involved in putting our food to the plate. Farmers who grow the crops. The person who brings the food Home. The person who cooks it for us.   Tell them the significance behind Tell them why behind…

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Blogchatter Projects- Giving wings to your dreams

October 4, 2018
Blogchatter projects

It was November 2017 when I received an Email regarding the Blogchatter projects. The idea was to bring forward your favourite cause, a product you wish to sell or perhaps an expertise you want to champion online. It did not take me long before I decided to give it a shot for my dream project themed around “Gratitude”. It was already 4 months that I was practising daily Gratitude and shared my idea on Instagram using  #GratitudePie.   As the…

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Launching Gratitude Journal App on World Gratitude Day “Gratitude Pie”

September 5, 2018
journal app

Gratitude does not come easily to me. For me, it takes an effort to see the good hidden behind the unfavourable situations and distressing circumstances. I was introduced to this magical thing, called “Gratitude” by Vidya Sury.  I started writing monthly gratitude journal but I realized that I needed something on daily basis to keep myself positive and sane. Writing a gratitude journal daily was not getting happened while I have to juggle with Job and Kids. And then one…

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Parenting as a Minimalist : Using Eco-friendly alternatives for new born

August 13, 2018
minimalist parenting newborn essentials

Like every newbie Parent, I too started making a list of essentials we would need for our new-born. You browse the Internet and you would find an endless number of things. Blame the consumerist culture which makes us believe that we would need all which is available in the market. With my first child, I too wanted MORE for my Kid. All for LOVE.   I started following MINIMALISM in 2017 which not only made me more aware of my buying…

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Kids getting Dirty are rare species- Let them not extinct

July 30, 2018
kids getting dirty

Kids playing outdoors and Kids getting dirty has become a rare scene. No wonder when a guy who noticed my Son playing and rolling in the stones and sand lying out in one corner of the Park, started recording him. I was not surprised but my Son was. He asked me “Mumma, why he was making a video of mine” I said to myself “because Kids like you are endangered species” and smiled back.   Are Screens the only culprit or…

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How did I get to know that my Kid is highly sensitive?

July 23, 2018
highly sensitive child symptoms

Does your Kid cry more rather than enjoying the things? If you are nodding your head then I know how it feels because I am parenting one such little human. Your Kid may be highly sensitive. It’s not a bad quality but just a trait which needs to be handled with care. I am sharing a few highly sensitive child symptoms I noticed in my Kid. Check out to see if you can relate to it.   Signs that helped me to…

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Plugin to migrate wordpress site to Siteground – I recommend Siteground

July 20, 2018
plugin to migrate wordpress site

I am glad that I moved to Siteground last year. If you are thinking to change your Hosting provider, check out Siteground’s plans as migration has become too easy with their new plugin to migrate WordPress site. Now you don’t have to wait for the support team to migrate your site. You can do that yourself in just a few clicks. Moreover, it is secure.   Siteground Migrator   This plugin is designed to automate the transfer of a WordPress instance to…

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How exercise can ensure fitness during pregnancy?

July 18, 2018
fitness during pregnancy

Never in my both pregnancies I faced swelling, nausea or suffered from vomiting. There are 2 things which helped me- Eating Right and proper Fitness regime. Today we have Akansha Bansal from Budding Star sharing her thoughts on how fitness during pregnancy is crucial for a Mom-to-be and the Baby. While what we eat during the pregnancy helps us to ensure the right nutrition but maintaining fitness during pregnancy is also vital to keep you and your baby healthy. A…

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