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Best memories of Raksha Bandhan

July 30, 2019

Raksha Bandhan had always been my favorite festival. This is the only occasion when families get together to celebrate the pure bond between Siblings. Gifts, sweets and homecooked delicacies were the things we always looked forward to as Kids. But what I cherish now is the bond we shared, love we showed and care we had for each other. There are so many memories linked to this festival but there are some which are my favorite. It was 2011 Rakhsha…

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Foods to include in your Kid’s Diet in Monsoons

July 8, 2019
foods in monsoon season

Monsoon is the time when our bodies tend to retain fluids. This weather triggers the spread of diseases. Temperature and Humidity take its toll on our immunity, leaving our bodies susceptible to ailments. There is much more moisture in the air which allows germs to multiply. During this time of the year, intestinal functions, as well as the digestive system, become weak resulting in slow metabolism. Diet is the only thing we can control. So, do not let weather taking…

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Which type of Minimalist are you?

June 4, 2019
types of minimalists

“MINIMALIST”- If you have already heard this term, that’s great. If Not- Read this and you will get a fair idea. Summarizing it here for you- A Minimalist is one who believes that collecting experiences is better than collecting things. Like every other theory, there are many different ways to practice Minimalism too. We can say that there are many paths for one to follow this journey. Types of Minimalists can be defined according to these different ways to follow…

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Why every new Mother should focus on nutrient-rich Diet

May 26, 2019
diet for new mothers

You have welcomed a new-born home. Now what? The foremost thing to be taken care of, after coming back Home is the Mother’s Diet. If this requirement is met, rest everything can be handled easily. So the diet for new mothers should be the priority. The most common myth around it is to eat sufficient quantity for 2. Whereas the reality is to eat sufficient nutrient for 2. How much extra? Additional 330 to 400 calories a day. Why the…

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Make household chores a fun task for Kids

May 15, 2019
How to make chores fun for Kids

Before I dive into “How to make chores fun for Kids” let’s get out of a bubble first. Chores are not only for the grown-ups. Chores can be done right from the Infant age. No No, I am not talking about child labor or exploitation here. I am talking about making them understand responsibilities. Any chore will be a burden for the Kids until you make it look fun. Don’t just order but teach by example Kids are more likely…

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An Interview with Gayatri Gandhi, founder of Joy Factory

May 10, 2019
An interview with Konmari certified Gayatri Gandhi

Joy Factory is a one-of-its-kind professional Clutter Management Company helping individuals in organizing and establishing tidying processes for their premises. Joy Factory is India’s only Konmari certified firm. Founded in August 2017 by Gayatri Gandhi, Joy Factory offers decluttering and organizing solutions based on JF’s own unique C2S2 (Collect, Choose, Scrap, Store) approach and the world-renowned KonMari Method(TM) of Decluttering & Organizing. 1. What is the KonMari Method? The world-renowned KonMari Method of tidying and organizing has been developed by…

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Don’t let their gender become the hindrance in the learning

May 7, 2019
gender roles

Gender roles are ingrained in our social system and this affects the learning to the extent that Girls and Boys are raised believing that they can’t do the other’s Job better. We, Parents, are our Kid’s role models and they believe everything we try to teach them. This is why we should be extra careful while raising them. Its our duty to not let their Gender become a hindrance in their way of learning. No work at Home should be…

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How to involve Kids in decluttering their wardrobe #ShareTheLoad

May 3, 2019
kids wardrobe cleaning

Whenever I ask my Husband to find a particular cloth in Kids wardrobe, his obvious reply comes “I didn’t find”. This is why I always keep Kid’s changing clothes outside while I leave for Office. Unlike adults, Kids wardrobe demands frequent visits. They need to be organized more frequently and de-cluttered timely. This is because- Cloth size is small There are many categories of clothes- Sports wear, school wear, party wear, night wear, regular wear and so on. Searching by…

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Sharing the laundry load at Home

April 22, 2019
Share the load

“Share the load” is a way to introduce Gender Sensitization, which is an integral part of Parenting these days. It was Sunday and Rashmi, a Mother of 2 Kids, wanted to relax and enjoy it after a long tiring week at Work. It was 7 am and the House was still silent. She wanted to make the most of it. The moment she stepped out in the Balcony to relish her Coffee on her favorite Jute Swing, she was welcomed…

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How to prevent Postpartum depression and enjoy the New-Mommy phase

April 9, 2019
How to prevent postpartum depression

This post “How to prevent Postpartum depression” is based on my personal experience as I went through 2 normal deliveries. I did not fall prey to the depression phase after the deliveries or I must say it did not affect me to that extent where I would harm myself or others. In India, no one talks about this hidden risk called postpartum depression which affects almost every new Mother. No one expects us to undergo emotional outbursts or exhibit awkward…

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