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An open diary of a Mom whose Kid is infamous

March 25, 2019
Letter by a Mother of a naughty Kid

This post “Mother of a naughty kid” is my personal experience of being a mother to a Toddler who is as naughty as he is wise, as notorious as he is honest, as loud as he is sensitive and as rude as he is caring. Who does not want their Kid to be famous? But to be famous for the bad behavior is something no Parent ever wish for. We all want well-behaved children who obey every instruction from their…

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Ouch! My Kid is just like me and it hurts

March 10, 2019
My child is just like me and it hurts

This post “My child is just like me” is a mix of humor and bitter truth. We were out in the park and I refused my Kid’s unreasonable demand. Suddenly my ears heard something I couldn’t believe- “I will slap you”. It was my Kid. Really! The other Mom consoled me saying he must have learned this in School. I agreed with an embarrassing smile. However, at the back of my mind, I knew that its not the school but…

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Signs of a Long Term Relationship with your bae

March 1, 2019
Signs of a long term relationship

Relationships are all about warm, fuzzy feelings and butterflies in the stomach when they are fresh and the two of you are head-over-heels into each other. But there comes a time in every relationship when you’ve been together for some-time and you can’t help but wonder if this wonderful thing will last. While the butterflies in the stomach might eventually fly away, there are definitely some markers that would help you understand whether you would be together in your future.…

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Things that matters a lot to our Kids, more than we think

February 25, 2019
things that matter to Kids

In these 4+ years of parenting, I always tried to find out the things that matter to Kids. You buy your Kid almost everything they ask for. You take them for rides every now and then. You make them join art/music or sports class. But nothing of these matter much to your Kids. You must be amazed at this but this is true. Rather, there are so many small things that matter a lot to Kids, more than we think.…

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Get a Baby Portrait painting and celebrate the essence of Childhood

February 21, 2019
Baby portrait painting online service

The child is the most important soul and entity to any parent in the world. You will always put the needs and wants of the children before your own requirements. You love them more than anything in this world. “Having a baby is a life changer. It gives you a whole other perspective on why you wake up every day.” -Taylor Hanson Time flies by and very soon all that you have is the memory of your beloved baby’s childhood.…

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How to handle temper tantrums? Tested ways that worked for my strong-willed child #Momology

February 18, 2019
ways to handle tantrums

Almost every new parent looks out for the ways to handle tantrums- in Kids aka “Temper Tantrums“. A horrific word for the Parents. Isn’t it? But are they really bad? Kicking, screaming, crying– to get what they want, to do what they want are the main signs of tantrums. Tantrums are annoying to almost every new Parent or to anyone who is not a Parent. Tantrums become a problem when thrown in front of other people. Why? Because we think…

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Past Life Regression therapy session by Soul Grounding

January 28, 2019
Past Life regression therapy

Past Life Regression therapy has been developed since the 1950s by psychologists and psychiatrists but it gained momentum only after Dr. Brian Weiss popular book “Many Lives Many Masters”. According to the certain studies back in the 2nd century BC, the Hindu scholar Patañjali, in his Yoga Sutras, discussed the idea of the soul becoming burdened with an accumulation of impressions as part of the karma from previous lives. Hence, he named the process of Past-Life Regression as Prati-prasav which…

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New Year: No resolutions, only celebrations

January 15, 2019
no new year resolutions

Yes, you read it right. I have no new year resolutions.   While the world is listing out their resolutions, I don’t have any. Resolutions just aren’t for me. I always failed to keep them. You must be amazed knowing the fact that “Only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions stick to them, and most of the other 92% see them last a week or less.”   The new year is special to me but only because of…

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