5 types of must-have Books for Babies and Toddlers

March 11, 2020
best baby toddler books

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Books are the perfect friends of small Kids. Nothing can engage these small minds more than an interesting Book.

But the challenge is to find the right Book according to their Age and Taste.

However, there are few best baby toddler Books which I must recommend for every small Kid. They keep them engage and enhance their creativity.

Now being a Mother of a Baby and a Toddler, I assure you that these Books are very useful for them.

Quiet Books

These are just perfect for Babies while they are still soft and tender. These quiet Books are made of soft materials like foam, felt etc. They comes in various themes.

Flap Books

They are so good for the curious minds. They develop their motor skills while sparking their curiosity.

My daughter is just in love with her flap books.


These knowledge Books are wonderful to widen their thought process. They help them learn about the world around.

They develop their reading skills while enhancing their questioning power.

Puzzle and Maze Books

My Elder one loves these Maze Books. I bought the first one when he was 3 and he hasn’t stopped loving them till yet.

They love tracing the paths with their tiny fingers. They enhances the motor skills and helps in mental development.

Picture Story Books

Last but not the least, picture Books are all-time favorite of every Kid.

They help them relate what they read. The colorful pictures pique their interest in reading along.

You can choose any Book according to the liking of your child. I prefer choosing the Books with their favorite cartoon characters as this excites them more.

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best baby toddler books
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