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July 8, 2016
life of a blogger

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Hello Fellow Bloggers,

Since I have started sharing my Life here, I have received huge support and acknowledgement from all of you. A Big THANK YOU Note to everyone who took time to read, suggest and appreciate.

Last Weekend made me wonder how each one of us spend our days. Some prefer reading as the first thing in the morning, some feel writing can be best done in the fresh breeze, some check stats- We all are different but share the same dream when it comes to Blogging.

How I spend my Day as a Blogger

Here’s a peek at my typical weekday as it often goes from sun up until sundown.

Personally, I would love to wake up without any thought about work but Blogging is not work; its a spilling space where I share what I like to and whenever I feel to.

My Blogging Affair starts with – Checking the traffic Stats and Comments waiting to reply for.

Its sad when there is none but it does not put me down and inspire me to do better.

Second thing is READING. Its my favorite. My mind does not get triggered until I read at least 3-4 Blog posts. Truthfully, Reading is my daily dose of inspiration.

Acknowledging and Commenting comes Naturally when I like the work or feel inspired.

Next, I switch to “Collecting mode” where I scratch my mind for post ideas and save at least 2 drafts.

For rest of the day, I wait for the moment when I really feel like editing and furnishing the post to give it a “ready to publish” look. I do this if I really feel like otherwise I skip it for the next day.

Evenings after coming back from Work, need to be spend with my Toddler, taking him to the Park or playing with him.

Its only after I make my Toddler sleep when I can think again about my Blog. This time is reserved for Social media and I usually do this in 15 mins of time.

I prefer doing Craft work- some DIY or some upcylcling before hitting my Bed.

Weekends are more of Family time when I prefer to be away from Reading or Writing but tries to catch up any urgent pending work.

Of course what an actual day looks like differs from day to day depending on other commitments and my mood.

Tada! Announcement

[clickandtweet handle=”@lifebioscope” hashtag=”#blogging,#bloggers” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Time to introduce a new series of posts where we all get to peek into a day of fellow Bloggers[/clickandtweet]- ON and OFF the Blogging world. This would be a Weekly post under


blog life


First guest in the series – Kerry@Her Headache


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