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October 29, 2015

A colleague of mine made me proudly write this post.

Today Morning bring out something challenging for him, something for which his family must be proud. He left for the Office as usual but with no idea of What is there for him next. Just before when he is about to reach, he noticed a Bus standing mid-way with a huge crowd gathering, all agitated and ready for action.

It was a School bus accompanied by its driver and thankfully without children.

He stopped the car, parked it along the roadside and courageously stepped out to know the matter. The people were gathered to harm the bus as 1 day back, another bus-driver of that school had an argument with one of the local person over a small issue.

Without wasting time and unaware of the issue, he boldly stopped the ones ready to break bus window panes. With a raised voice, he dictated them not to act this way as it will not head us to any good. While he was doing this, a large framed person came from nowhere declaring¬† “Lo ji hun aya pradhan”¬† (Translation: Look the leader has come)

My colleague politely stood in front of him and paused for a while preparing for his next move and started preaching him like a primary school teacher.
“Do you even know the matter or you are jumping out of nowhere. Don’t you need to go to your work etc. etc.”

After all this, he looked back but found no one to support him. He got scared and headed to his car to reach Office which was just walking distance away.
He quickly rushed to the Office window to see what happen next but surprisingly Crowd started spreading and the matter got cooled down.

Would he not have took the pain and intervene, agitation could have increased and might result in further loss of property or life.

Applause for him! [clickandtweet handle=”lifebioscope” hashtag=”BreakTheChains,breaktheice” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Sometimes what all we need is to break the chain.[/clickandtweet]

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