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Slurrp farm Millet Dosa mix review….Made with Love

December 12, 2017
Slurrp farm

Sunday is a perfect day to try new recipes and when it’s something for Kids, excitement doubles up. Do you agree with Mothers? We Mothers are always on a hunt to find something healthy+interesting for our Kids. The moment I came across slurrp farm products, I was sure this is the right choice. The products are the brainchild of 2 Mothers in the quest to find healthy alternatives for their Kids. Each and every product is made with Love and…

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Kids-Friendly eating joints in and around Chandigarh

November 29, 2017
kid friendly restaurants

Kid friendly restaurants are a boon to Parents. Not only Kids get to enjoy but Parents can spend some good time relaxing and enjoying their meals.   More and more restaurants are coming up with a dedicated Kid’s corner as they are the better options when a family is out for a lunch or dinner. List of Kid Friendly restaurants in and around Chandigarh: These eating joints have a play area where you can leave your Kids on an hourly…

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Simple fun activities to celebrate Children’s day with Toddlers

November 8, 2017
children's day celebration ideas

After becoming a Parent, our every day is Children’s day. What we do, what we earn, what we cook- We do it for them, for their happiness, good health, and bright future.   Still, to make this day special for them, I prefer going outdoors rather than confining in 4 walls. Here are few children’s day celebration ideas for Toddlers:   Park Picnic Take your kids to the park, breathe some fresh air and get some sunlight. Plan a short…

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Quick and healthy foods I pack while traveling with Toddler

September 12, 2017
road trip snacks for toddlers

When hunger strike Kids, they convert into little tantrum machines. We did not travel a lot with our Kid but whenever we do, I ensured carrying his food along to avoid the chances of spoiled trip.   Eating snacks while traveling is everyone’s favorite. Moreover, food is the best thing to entertain small Kids while traveling. Taking along own eatables saves time and money, and is usually healthier. Be it a Road Trip or Flight journey, keep these snacks handy while…

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Prevent Kids depression and suicide by preparing them for bad patches in Life

August 31, 2017
how to overcome adversity

No matter how liberal we have become in our thoughts, youth suicidal attempts are on the increase. The biggest cause of youth deaths here is due to suicide, followed by Road accidents and tuberculosis.   A Teen, who is as fresh as daisy, as keen as mustard, suddenly take such a huge and punishing step. Wonder why? Difficulty to cope up with competition in studies, needing to belong to their tribe, the parental pressure or demand of space for freedom.…

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