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Do our Kids need AC in Schools?

March 6, 2018
air conditioning in schools

Air conditioning in schools is a debatable topic as every Parent wants to maintain a fine balance between comfort and hardships for their Kids. As a Parent who can afford to send her child to an air-conditioned School, I prefer not to send my Kid to the one. If you have already started judging me or calling me unfair. It is not only because I myself went to the School without air conditioning. It’s more than that.   Reasons I feel…

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Family protection from Mosquitoes

January 3, 2018
safe mosquito repellent

I always prefer Home remedies when it comes to Health but when it’s about the mosquito bite, I do not prefer to take a chance. While at Home, you can use Mosquito Killers or Traps and make Indoors a safe place. But what about outdoors, where we spend more than half of our day.   Moreover, mosquito-associated fevers like Dengue, Malaria and, Chikungunya are on a high these days. When its the choice about safe mosquito repellent for Kids, I…

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A Year of Minimalism- My learnings and experience

December 27, 2017

Beginning 2017, I set “Minimalism” as my Motto.   It was a year I experienced simple and minimalist living, out of choice. I spent less, I was more mindful, I chose freedom above anything else. To chart out a path for myself, I researched about it more and more and ended up writing a Book “A-Z of Minimalism” The Book helped me to discover the areas of my Life that need Minimalism.   Minimalism is not replacing the colorful things…

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My first Crowdfunding Campaign

December 1, 2017
first crowdfunding campaign

Today, I launched my first crowdfunding campaign using Bitgiving. It all started with an idea to create “A happy self”. With the beginning of the new year 2017, I started exploring Gratitude on the advice of other Bloggers including Vidya Sury. I began with monthly gratitude but realized that I would need it more frequently. I preferred writing Gratitude Journal but it was not as easy as it sounds because it takes time and effort. It was July when I…

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Zero in: Minimalist is a work in progress

April 30, 2017

There is no destination to arrive at in this journey of Minimalism. No one will tell you the magic formula for how to be a minimalist. Being a Minimalist you always try to be a better version of yourself, always De-cluttering the meaningless and joyless things, always simplifying relationships, always trying to put needs over wants, always trying to spare some time for the passions.     Start with shifting your attention towards meaningful things in Life. You need to…

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Yoga Lifestyle off the mat

April 29, 2017
yoga lifestyle

I always wanted to adapt to yoga lifestyle after I crossed my mid 20s. Its been more than 4 years but I could not be able to practice it on daily basis. and then I read something which made me realized that Yoga Lifestyle does not only mean on-mat but can be practiced in off-mat Life too.   Yoga is not only about doing asanas and sweating out. Its about balancing your mind and heart.   Being Honest with self…

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Make Minimalism your X-factor – Deal with Criticism as a Minimalist

April 28, 2017
dealing with criticism

We all should learn the art of dealing with criticism. Whenever anyone tried to tread a different path, world is ready to criticize. Whether a success of a fail- you will gather the judgements for sure.   Minimalism is surely x-factor in this world full of rage, clutter and consumerism. If you are successful in keeping yourself at bay to these – You are already a Minimalist. If you find time for the things you truly Love- You are already…

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How to be Free? Create some white space

April 27, 2017
how to be free

How to be free in this Era when we like being overwhelmed all the time? First thing- Stop using to-do lists and filling up every single minute of your day.   Add some white space into your days: A small nap Do-nothing but only sit still Alone time Spending few minutes daily to learn something new; non-work related Deep Breathing   We all should create enough white space in our days, in our calendar, in our minds for more joy,…

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What does your Diet tell?

April 26, 2017
minimalist diet

Minimalism dictates a healthier lifestyle because only a healthy and fit body can be a happy one. You are still a Minimalist irrespective of being a Vegetarian or not.   However, Minimalist diet is the one that needs less storage, less resources to raise and less workout to break food into energy. Food like meat, seafood, eggs need more storage. It takes far more energy/resources/calories to produce animal products than it does to produce plant-based foods. “About 25 gallons of…

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Be more ‘in the moment’

April 24, 2017
unplug from technology

I always remember my Father saying “Excess of everything is bad”.  I realize this fact is true everywhere – Be it Food, Exercise or Technology. In today’s world where everyone has access to overdose of information-Each one of us need to unplug from technology on daily basis. With my full time IT Job, I need some time to rewind and refresh after a long day in front of the screen. At the end of the day, I feel like a…

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