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Are you Self-serving or Selfish?

October 16, 2017
am i selfish

At any point of Life, when I look back, I see that – It was all about me. The decisions I made, the path I took and the people I chose- I did it for myself. Everything I do, I do it for my happiness.   Am I selfish this way? No, because the most important person in my Life is Myself. When I feel this way, I cannot not let anyone or anything rob my peace of mind. It…

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Confessions of a Teary eyed

August 18, 2017
crying in public

Yes, I commit- I cannot control crying in public. I know I am being judged when I cry in open. People may perceive me as weak or immature woman. But I cannot help it. Whether its an emotional scene on TV or an emotional talk with anyone, I could not stop my tears to flow.   The other day, I was totally upset over something and when on the same day, my Son’s School teacher complained me of his hitting…

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Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity #QuotedStories

August 1, 2017
what is luck

What is luck?   A famous quote by Seneca holds the crux-                 Among a batch of 200 new joiners, I was the first one to get into a project when I joined a Job in 2010. Many said that “You are lucky” but the truth is something else. I said Yes to the offered opportunity at once when everyone was reluctant to join for a support role. Winning lottery or hitting a…

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May 27, 2017

I am trying to put this habit of writing Gratitude journal into practice. We all have our Gratitude moments; small or big. It does not come easy but with practice – We need to look around for the things which make our Life easy or make us thankful. Moreover rather than cribbing for the things that won’t work out, its a great way to look back at the month by counting the blessings. If you have not tried it, I…

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Yoga Lifestyle off the mat

April 29, 2017
yoga lifestyle

I always wanted to adapt to yoga lifestyle after I crossed my mid 20s. Its been more than 4 years but I could not be able to practice it on daily basis. and then I read something which made me realized that Yoga Lifestyle does not only mean on-mat but can be practiced in off-mat Life too.   Yoga is not only about doing asanas and sweating out. Its about balancing your mind and heart.   Being Honest with self…

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Make Minimalism your X-factor – Deal with Criticism as a Minimalist

April 28, 2017
dealing with criticism

We all should learn the art of dealing with criticism. Whenever anyone tried to tread a different path, world is ready to criticize. Whether a success of a fail- you will gather the judgements for sure.   Minimalism is surely x-factor in this world full of rage, clutter and consumerism. If you are successful in keeping yourself at bay to these – You are already a Minimalist. If you find time for the things you truly Love- You are already…

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Need more Time? Try Minimalism

April 24, 2017
some free time

Do you ever feel the need of having more time? or Do you ever wish for some free time?   If yes, you need MINIMALISM I always wished I had more time to follow my Hobby, to watch weekend movie, to spend time gardening. I never realized that time I was demanding for, was with me already- I just need to manage it. I once wrote Are you fooling yourself when you say you have no time?   Gift of…

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CHOICE OF WORDS #QuotedStories

March 15, 2017

CHOICE OF WORDS is something I failed to pick up from my Mother.     I adore my Love for my Family, I adore my faithfulness for my Friends, I adore myself for being¬† a good listener, I adore myself for being a continuous learner but above all, I hate myself for not being a person who carefully chooses the words. I hate myself for hurting those who love me most and the fact is I hurt the only ones…

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Realistic Quarterly Goals- First Quarter 2017

March 1, 2017

I am not here to set unrealistic goals or Resolutions for myself. I already have my Motto for 2017 “MINIMALISM” Inspired from Shantala@Shanaya Tales, I am taking forward the baton of quarterly personal development goals from her. I did well at De-cluttering front – Minimalism is working for me and I am happy to witness less cluttered corners. Only 1 Month left for the First Quarter and here I am with my practical goals-   PERSONAL GOALS March will be…

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Power of Quotes

February 27, 2017

To realize the importance of quotes in Life , you need to introspect into your lives, recognize your dreams and follow your instincts. Importance of quotes in life A quote can be the beginning of an important discussion A quote can win someone’s heart A quote can make you smile Talking about a subject is easy when its build around a quote. Quotes ignite your imagination. Quotes help you to weave the thread of trust.   A quote can reinforce…

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