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CHOICE OF WORDS #QuotedStories

March 15, 2017

CHOICE OF WORDS is something I failed to pick up from my Mother.     I adore my Love for my Family, I adore my faithfulness for my Friends, I adore myself for being  a good listener, I adore myself for being a continuous learner but above all, I hate myself for not being a person who carefully chooses the words. I hate myself for hurting those who love me most and the fact is I hurt the only ones…

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January 24, 2017

We all have an unfulfilled dream. We can dream for things and then turn them into a reality. That’s the power God has given us. But sometimes, dreams are left midway and does not come to fruition. The reason can be any but the desire to make the dream come true should never die. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Yes, my dream has a future. When I close…

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That day, A Story came out

January 11, 2017
had story

That day ” A story was out” – 16:11:2016 I heard about NaNoWriMo for the first time last year and checked out what it was all about. For those who do not know: National Novel Writing Month is an annual event in which people are encouraged to write a novel with at least 50,000 words over the 30 days of November. I did not stand anywhere to join. I was a novice in writing and still I cannot call myself…

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Things I wish I knew- Now when I am entering 30s

January 5, 2017
i wish i knew

Now that I have completed 29 years of journey and celebrated it in style, I am still standing at the first turn on the road named “Mid-life”. Much has been said and told by the ones who reached their 30s. What new I can add here? I think nothing much but my own experiences.   We all reach this milestone committing some serious mistakes, saying some ugly words, telling some lies and taking some wrong decisions.   But what matters…

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Once in my bucket list: My first marathon

November 29, 2016
first marathon

There’s nothing in the world like running your first marathon. Yesterday, I ran the Adidas Uprising Marathon which was once in my Bucket list. It was marathon for fun rather than competitive and It took me 40 minutes to ran approx. 3 miles (5 kms). My decision to run the marathon was my dream to challenge myself. It was about proving to myself that I could do it. However, along the way, I noticed numerous other things. If you can dream,…

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BABA- A renowned scary creature

October 24, 2016
baby scared

Do you fear from dark? Yesterday, my Son woke up midnight crying and shouting “Baba Baba” That moment, I was full of anger and guilt. Childhood memories started flashing across my mind- How we used to fear the dark. How my Brother did not like to close washroom door. How we used to fear getting up for a glass of water in the night. I cursed myself for letting it happen but I am thankful as it ignited me to…

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Pooh and Piglet…Our Friendship tale

October 7, 2016
story of friendship

Some Souls are destined to meet, to bask in the glory of friendship. Friendship to me, is an invisible thread which ties two hearts together for forever. The Day I started Blogging I knew inside I have to write about this special bond in my Life. Now after 1 year of this journey, ZeeTV has given me a chance to express my gratitude. They are featuring “story of friendship” through a talk show “Yaaron ki Baraat” Story of friendship is…

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What if those toys had feelings! #Fiction

September 26, 2016
toy story

Last week, I de-cluttered my Kids’s toy world. I got a prompt – What if toys had feelings! and here is the toy story.   A Fictional Toy story I scattered them all over the bed and a white squeaky Fish screeched- “Ouch! It hurts”- Heavy Yellow car hit her on his head. I announced – “Today, I will clean the clutter”. A wave of panic spread in the room. Every toy started making noise. I  picked the little fish…

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Failure to me was unacceptable and he knew it

September 22, 2016

She was a tough child who loved to excel in everything which she put her best efforts in. She had fear of failure. Drawing and Dancing were her favorites. She always used to get appreciation for them – at Home as well as at School. But she does not want to see herself failing at them- not even a single time. If the drawing was not perfect according to her- she used to tear it apart.  Her Mother was concerned…

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He is not my Infant anymore

September 16, 2016
birthday party

My baby boy is turning 2 this week and I just can’t believe it. Second year passed so quickly and I am still in new-born hangover. [clickandtweet handle=”@lifebioscope” hashtag=”#kids #birthday #party” related=”” layout=”” position=””]He is not my Infant anymore.[/clickandtweet] He has transformed from Infant to Toddler. He is doing things independently. He wants me to set him free. I remember the days when I could cuddle him for hours but now, he turns jumpy when I kiss him non-stop on…

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