Generation Today : Childhood ending soon

October 17, 2015

Playing with mud and making toys out of it, running behind butterflies, catching fireflies are now the things of the past.


Gone are the days when Children discuss about fairy tales, fictional world and childish topics. Lost are those story telling by Dadis and Nanis(Grandparents). Their Utopian world has been replaced by Current affairs and Social media. Awww! Poor Kids.


Be it TV, Tablets, Laptops,Mobiles or Video consoles- Children are stick to these screens for good part of their day. Their day ends with a glimpse of them rather than story reading or enjoying their hobby.

YouTube has replaced poem recitals.

Social Media has replaced Real friends.

Virtual gaming has replaced Outdoor games.

These screens have squeezed out the childishness from their childhood very early making them more mature before the right age.


Blame Internet. Easy and frequent access to any information is hindering with their childhood.

Earlier if kids have any doubt or question, they ask their elders- ensuring the answer is safe for their age.

But now, they have search engines for the same job- which is not always correct and if correct, not safe for them to read.


The difference here is – Search engines do not manipulate answers based on the age and therefore giving access to that extra information which is not required at this delicate stage.

Moreover, kids interpret that information in their own way which can be harmful sometimes.



Kids today are always under pressure: Pressure from parents, Teachers and Peers.

A lot is expected from them – we wish them to excel in every field: Education, Sports, Co-curricular and even in their hobbies.

Parent’s Expectations

Parents are seen comparing their kids performance with others which gives inferiority complex to kids.

If Child loves doing something say Painting in their free time- do not expect them to excel in that as its their Hobby and Hobbies are not meant to compete for.

Teacher’s Expectations

Teachers often expect students to take high marks in each subject making kids overburdened.

At coaching classes, its been expected that a student should understand equally as others but its not the case always. Some need personal attention and there is nothing wrong in it.

Self Expectations

Kids are largely affected by Media and develop the expectation for themselves

  • To excel in each and everything they do
  • To always look as good as TV characters
  • To know everything before the right age

These all factors are responsible in shortening their childhood tenure which is a cause of worry.

Do share if you feel the same and how you cope with it as a Parent or a Teacher.

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