Simple fun activities to celebrate Children’s day with Toddlers

November 8, 2017
children's day celebration ideas

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After becoming a Parent, our every day is Children’s day.

What we do, what we earn, what we cook- We do it for them, for their happiness, good health, and bright future.


Still, to make this day special for them, I prefer going outdoors rather than confining in 4 walls.

Here are few children’s day celebration ideas for Toddlers:


Park Picnic

children's day celebration ideas

Take your kids to the park, breathe some fresh air and get some sunlight.

Plan a short picnic; pack the eatables, take few toys along or set a play tent. Both you and your kids will enjoy this break. You will find them rejuvenated.


Swinging therapy

children's day celebration ideas

Swinging is a proven therapy. Swings act as a mood booster and have calming effects on their mind and body.

It strengthens the ability to know how to use our muscles in correlation with gravity. This system controls behavior such as balance and movement.

Grow a tree

Plant a tree with them. It will not only help the environment but Kids too.

Explain to them that Trees grow the same way as they are. Learning about living things and the environment around them is ideal for the stage of development toddlers are in.

Random act of Kindness

Take out the things they don’t use- small clothes, unused toys and encourage them to give away to the needy.

This act will help them develop Kindness and Compassion for others.

Siblings day out

children's day celebration ideas

Invite their cousins for a day out. Let them know their extended family better.

This will help them develop bonding. Moreover, parents will get some ME time while Kids are having fun together.

Messy play

Research has already proven the advantages of Messy play.

Let them engage in this fun play and forget the mess. There are so many activities you can do with them including finger painting and mud play.


Share how you are planning to celebrate children’s day.


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children's day celebration ideas


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