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July 1, 2020
comeback minimalist podcast

It’s been 3 years that I bumped into Minimalism and there was no looking back after that.

There are many reasons that I got attracted to Minimalism but the foremost reason is the freedom it offers.

Freedom to follow your passion, freedom to earn less and freedom from clutter.

Why I started the Minimalist podcast?

Being an Indian, I feel we Indians are falling prey to over-consumerism from last so many years and it’s time to step back.

Let’s be conscious of our needs and wants and buy accordingly. Because needs are limited but wants doesn’t have any end.

Why I named my podcast “Comeback Minimalist”

This theory of Minimalism is not new but it’s with us since ages. Our ancestors used to follow this theory which is called ” Nayuntam” in Hindi. But with time and increased purchasing power, we started stuffing our Homes. We focused on things rather than experiences.

Now we have reached the saturation in terms of hoarding, each one of us should become a comeback minimalist and seek a simple yet fulfilling life.

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My expectations from the podcast

I wish to reach every Indian and inspire each one of you to look into “What can Minimalism do for you?”

I wish each one of us stop living stuff-centric life and rather focus on our relationships, with Self and others.

I wish each one of us starts contributing towards greener environment which is only possible when we bring less stuff Home and throw less into the landfills.

I am glad you are here. If you like my posts, please subscribe or just share it with your circle. Thank you.

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