Minimalist Podcast

Comeback minimalist podcast

A Podcast where we explore all aspects of Minimalism- Simple and intentional living, Decluttering, Financial freedom, excessive consumerism and many more topics.

It’s been 3 years that I bumped into Minimalism and there was no looking back after that.

I started this podcast to share my experience of “living with less” and “being grateful” with others.

Why I named my podcast “Comeback Minimalist”

This theory of Minimalism is not new but it’s with us since ages. Our ancestors used to follow this theory which is called ” Nayuntam” in Hindi. But with time and increased purchasing power, we started stuffing our Homes. We focus on things rather than experiences.

Now when we have reached the saturation in terms of hoarding, each one of us should become a comeback minimalist and seek a simple yet fulfilling life.

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comeback minimalist podcast