World Without Diapers – A Reality

March 4, 2016

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[clickandtweet handle=”lifebioscope” hashtag=”parenting” related=”” layout=”” position=””]I had a dream….of World without Diapers and then a voice wakes me up[/clickandtweet]; it’s changing time for my toddler.

We cannot imagine a single day without this little thing woven from Polymer pallets- Day care or Outings, this is a must. It’s easy when you have to hand off your baby to someone when you are out on a job.

My dream led me to search for making it come true. And then I read about Elimination Communication (EC) or Natural Infant. I told myself “I know this” as it was a common culture in India but lot has changed in short period of time. While we were busy westernizing, we are blind-folded by the Diaper Manufacturing companies which targeted our minds to accept the new definition of happy and healthy babies.


Hey Parents, share you views about it. I will be happy to read.


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Sharing is caring!

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